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Obesity. In this project I hope to aim to locate the function of the catering industry in the rapid rise in obesity.

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Rachel Bufton Builth Wells High School Obesity Contents Page - 1) Brief / Introduction. 2) Action Plan 3) What is obesity & what causes obesity? 4) Nutritional content of fast food 5) Nutritional content of fast food alternatives 6) Do the media have a negative effect on obesity? 7) Evaluation on results from questionnaire 8) A weekly menu for the school canteen Brief - In this project I hope to aim to locate the function of the catering industry in the rapid rise in obesity. * What is obesity and how is it caused? * How fast food outlets play there part in obesity and their attempts to put out a healthier menu. * The media and their effect on obesity. * How many people obese in the UK * People's analysis on their diet and fast food. * A healthy planned menu for the school canteen Introduction - In the past few years there has been an alarm in the rise of obesity. I am going to research the fast food outlets in the catering industry for example, Burger king or McDonalds; I'm going to investigate their menus and the healthier alternatives they provide and research and discuss the nutritional values. I will formulate a questionnaire for the pupils in Builth Wells High School about what food they consume within the average day and their opinions on fast food, I will evaluate the information I receive. I will discuss how the media has an effect of the rise in obesity and discover how many people are actually obese in the UK. Also I will plan a healthy lunch time menu for the school canteen that will be appreciated by the pupils and staff. I chose this topic because the rapid rise in obesity interests me and it is also an illness that I'm concerned about. Action plan - Week 1 I am going to formulate a questionnaire and give out to 10 pupils in year 11 questioning their opinions on obesity and how healthy their daily diet and exercise is. ...read more.


Eating fast food daily is very unhealthy as it doesn't contain all of the required nutrients for our bodies to develop properly. Does watching a fast food advert entice you to try fast food? Only 10% of people who I asked said that by watching a fast food advert they are enticed to try fast food. The media's objective is by making adverts and broadcasting them on television is that people will see them and want to try the food. The majority of people who I asked said that they do not desire to eat fast food because of this. Would you rather eat fast food than a proper home cooked meal? If so why? 80% of the people who I asked said that they would rather eat fast food because its served fast, you can eat it with your fingers, and because it tastes very nice. Do you walk to/from school everyday? Only 40 % of people who I asked said that they walk to and from school everyday. 30% said they catch the bus and 30 % said that their parents drive them. It is important to exercise on a daily basis as it helps prevent diseases, improves stamina and the obvious one is that is helps to maintain a healthy weight. Would you like to eat healthier? 90% of people who I asked said that they would like to eat healthier. Eating a healthy balanced diet is important for a growing person as you need all of the correct nutrients to grow properly. Are you happy with your weight? Only 50 % of people who I asked said that they were happy with their weight, these people were all male. All of the females I asked said that they were unhappy with their weight. What do you usually eat for? Breakfast: Toast or cereal and a cup of tea Lunch: Hot bacon/sausage rolls OR bag of chips Dinner: Chicken dinner served with potatoes and vegetables This is an answer that I received from a 15 year old male that I asked. ...read more.


Overall I think that by making obesity more known to the public then the number of obese people in the UK would gradually decrease. Evaluation Planning - In order to achieve a successful and organised structure in my coursework I had to plan my project. I began by producing an action plan and divided certain sections of the project in to 9 weekly deadlines. By doing this I found it easy to construct my coursework project. I feel that this helped me a lot because I found that I was on time to complete all the tasks. Methodology - In order to research my chosen topic effectively I used resources like the internet and books. The majority of research I used was the internet as it is a fast reliable source. A large part of my primary research came from my questionnaire results as I found that asking real people about their opinions and lifestyle was a realistic way of finding information. I prepared some pie charts from my results to simply represent the information for quick reading. I interviewed a dinner lady at our school to find out her opinions on obesity and about the food they offer. I found this an advantage to me as I could see if the food we serve at Builth Wells High School was nutritional. Results - Overall I discovered that obesity in the UK is a larger problem that the majority of people realise and that it is something that is happening right now that could be prevented if a few things were established. Review Personally I think that my project was overall successful. I think that my work is constructed well and that the contents page is a good way to order my project. In my opinion I felt as though my background research pages were good and conveyed Obesity and its consequences in a detailed enough way. Although I was happy with my project if I were to do it again I would further my primary research and write in more depth. ...read more.

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