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original writing coursework

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No memory. No knowledge. No Life.... Awoken by some Deafening screech rattled by the enthusiasm of death, Yes that's it, death stains these walls. I awake to see a hand. Is it mine? I am lost and confused in a maze of demolished memories, and there is no exit in sight. These appear to be shackles around my wrists; however there are unclasped and I am free, free! As I rise from this chair I feel condemned to search this place. I NEED answers. I transcend from this seat and my feet first touch marble. I instantly recognize that feeling of cold, as a bitter chill sets upon my skin, goose-bumps appear and I am greeted by the happiness to know that I am still fleshly, mortal. There is a file that I glance upon. It intrigues me as the face depicted on the front reminds me of something, someone. I lift the file and a name appears is..... Is this me? Whilst astonished by the sensation of discovery, a flashback occurs, memory! ...read more.


And so the fight draws to a close and we end up having a stare down. There is only one word spoken before a flash bag is deployed and that word is "lonely". As the flash blinds me I am rendered defenceless and cannot move for a brief period. When vision is granted I look upon a set of keys and a map of the United States, there is also a note that explains these items, it reads as follows: Dear Abel, I wish to help you, but to do so you must find me. You find me you find the truth! I am very limited in what i can say on a piece of parchment however I have the luxury of being able to discuss your predicament in person. On the map is a marked location where I shall appear at exactly 1700 hours. Come, come find me, and come find the answers! William F. Guile Guile..... Is that the man I fought? ...read more.


I have been betrayed! There is no time; I must get away from this situation as I can see armed police surrounding this demonic hellfire. I run must run as fast and as far away from here as possible. As my heart paces I become intoxicated by poisonous fumes and fall to my knees. As I begin to move I see a young blond man with scars covering him from head to toe and a blue judogi with other standard judo equipment. This...... is me? A thought enters my distorted brainwaves I lose consciousness and fade to black. I am awoken by a dove so white with feathers kissed by an angelic ray of the suns everlasting light. Again I am greeted by amnesia and rage as all what I have worked for is lost and must be regained. Evidently I am left here on this mountain with nothing but another map! No more riddles I can't take it, am I destined to be isolated for the rest of my days? Am I destined to have No memory. No knowledge. No Life.... ?? ?? ?? ?? Thomas Edwards Original Writing ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Miscellaneous section.

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