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Original Writing - Cuckoo nest film

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Original Writing When I first saw Murphy I knew instantly that he was different. He came in happy, laughing, as though he'd hit the jackpot. I didn't worry myself too much about him. I kept to myself as usual. The next day we were all on the basketball court. I expected it to be another grey, dreary day. However Murphy wanted to play basketball. He got everyone gathered round, with great difficulty; some of the patients are like zombies. He stomped up to me, grabbed my hands, shoved the ball in them, and then started to shout instructions at me. I wasn't sure want I had to do, I just went ahead and put the ball in the hoop anyway. To my surprise , he suddenly started to cheer! ...read more.


I waited anxiously for him to come back , and then for what seemed like hours later, he walked through the door. My heart sank. His arms were in front of him as he slowly walked towards me; he looked brain dead. Then, when he finally was in front of me, he winked. Relief poured all over my body as I laughed silently at his foolishness. It was great when Murphy organized the party. He brought along a pretty, boisterous lady. We had the party when all the nurses had gone. It was quite chaotic! Murphy was thinking of escaping and I considered going with him. But in the end, we both stayed put. ...read more.


I grabbed a pillow, pushed it upon his ugly face and led him out of his misery. It's what he would have wanted, I'm sure. It was at this moment that I decided I had to leave. I just couldn't take it anymore. Not without Murphy. I remembered how he once was struggling to pull out a fitted in fountain. I felt an overpowering urge , to pull out that mountain. I heaved and pulled; my anger coming to my advantage. I finally, blue in the face, pulled it out, I picked it up and walked towards the huge window opposite Murphy , and threw at it. The window shattered to pieces. I ran though the opening , into the big, open fields. Leaving my troubles behind. Finally free. ...read more.

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