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Pan's Labrinth- movie review

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7th September, 2009 What does the film 'Pan's Labyrinth' represent through the notion of love? 'Pan's Labyrinth' is a film directed by Guillero Del Torro, depicting both the fantasy world of a child as well as the harsh fascist world in Spain 1944. This film addresses the notion of love in almost every character whether it be patriotic, parental or the simple friendly love. The film portrays that love can be of different forms and it can lead to desperate acts. As illustrated by the film, 'patriotic love' is the love of all citizens for a home that in their perspective is perfect for everyone. It can make corrupt leaders to do ruthless acts as shown through the character of Captain Vidal. His love for his country, his status and his strong belief in fascism leads him to do cruel, brutal acts. As he proclaims, "I choose to be here because I want my son to be born in a new, clean Spain." This represents his thoughts on how fascism is the only right way of ruling. The captain's values are that of glory, following orders without question and power. We can also see this through his forcefulness to all below him and his expectations of blinding obedience. ...read more.


So he would know how a brave man dies." "Tell my son what time his father died. Tell him that I..." The close-up point of view shots on the watch that captain had, also portrayed the importance of it and showed why it was so necessary to carry the tradition. The love shown between Ophelia and her mother was equally significant. This can be seen frequently throughout the film, for example, when the mother made a pretty dress for Ophelia to wear or when Ophelia went for her mother's rescue or when she was sick with the baby. "Have you seen my mother? She is very beautiful," Ophelia said to Mercedes at the beginning scenes of the film clearly depicting how much she adored her. Another act of love was when Ophelia kept the baby tree the faun gave to her, under her mother's bed, frantically hoping to save her mother from dying. Another similar love is also seen between Ophelia and her baby brother, especially at the end when she refuses to sacrifice his blood and also gives up the throne of the princess. "Hurry! You promised to obey me. Give me the boy!" "No! My brother stays with me." ...read more.


The fairy in the form of a bug followed her to camp. It also showed her dream and pathway to the fantasy world which she desperately needed in order to escape the harsh, unbearable real world. Therefore, love can be of several forms. Love is the wonderful and may be the best gift of life many a times but at times, this can be blind as well. One time this can give ones the utmost joy, at the other the severest of pain. Over the ages, the greatest literatures often delineated the best feeling [or enjoyment] of a true love in the form of painful sacrifice or detachment. The beauty of love blossoms through the sorrow - 'our sweetest songs are those tells us the saddest tales'! On the other hand, the age old epics often describe the blindest aspects of love in different forms. As the epics are the reflection of real life, we quite often see the happening in reality in the form of a parental love or a platonic relationship or an affection rivalry or a patriotic belief [fanaticism] ended in a tragedy that may not be explained by common sense. This proves the universal nature of love, both in its blunt affection and blindness. As we see, the movie 'Pan's Labyrinth' cannot be an exception. ...read more.

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