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Pope John Paul 2

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Throughout the 20th century, there have been many influential Europeans. However not one can compare to Karol Wojtyla also known as Pope John Paul II. He affected the world with his love, leadership, and forgiveness. Pope John Paul II's papacy was remarkable and will undoubtedly go down in history. John Paul II was a very learned man. He earned two doctorate degrees and mastered eight languages. One of the pillars of his success as a leader was his ability to use his intellect to express his strong convictions, and to help others search for truth. ...read more.


By using his faith in God as well as his personal virtues he brought together many rival nations and made ally nations even closer. The Pope was also able to contribute in the fall of communism. During his papacy Pope John Paul the second did something no other pope had ever done before, he expanded his appearances to all corners of the world. This helped him gain the respect and trust of many followers. He appealed to crowds of people through his waves, handshakes, hugs, and kissing of people, young and old. ...read more.


The assassin, Mehmet Ali Agca, was taken into custody and put in prison. When the Pope was heeled, he made a visit to Agca to forgive him for what he had tried to do. This anecdote is just one of the many forgiving acts that John Paul II performed. He taught forgiveness in every speech he gave and every visit he made. The death of Pope John Paul II brought tears to the eyes of millions. He had touched an uncountable number of lives and led an infinite number of people. Pope John Paul II affected people through love, leadership, and forgiveness. Not only did he affect the 20th century, but his words and teachings will also affect many centuries, and people, to come. ...read more.

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