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Popular Culture

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Popular Culture The term 'pop or popular culture' refers to things that a large number of people say, do, or are familiar with at a certain place, in a certain time. It can be anything from games to fashion, technology, music, T.V. shows, toys, sports and even the way people speak. It is mainly based in urban areas, in large groups of people. It is also a job of the producers to keep up with these popular cultures. Even though it is constantly changing through decades, only the most popular trends and icons remain unchanged. Among these trends in the last 50 years, the three most important ones are mini-skirts, internet and the 'Simpsons'. These three have not only affected and changed the mankind; it has also changed the way people think. The miniskirt was invented in 1965. During the 1960's, the women in Europe and America were going through many changes. It was the first decade in which all young women received full-time secondary education up to the age of 15 and this produced a huge boost to the numbers of now rapidly expanding universities. This not only meant a huge increase of working women, it also meant that women were now completely free and there was no need to depend on men. There were legal changes afoot too. The 1967 Abortion Act legalized abortion and in 1969 the divorce law was reformed. ...read more.


People today take for granted the great impact the computer has on our lives, making things easier, faster, and more convenient for them. Computers helped the world a lot and helped us take a large step to the future. Today, computers have been modified so significantly that they can do functions that may not have been perceived years ago. But, the most significant change in computer technology was the internet. The internet is a new revolution to mankind. The first internet was introduced in 1969, during the Cold War. It was called the ARPA net and was invented to protect the flow of information to and from the military installations by creating a network of geographically separated computers that could exchange information via the NCP (Network Control Protocol). But, who built this network? ARPA stands for the Advanced Research Projects Agency, a branch of military that developed top secret systems and weapons during the Cold War. Four computers were the first connected in the original ARPA net. But, as the network expanded different models of computers were connected, creating compatibility problems. But, to solve this problem, a better set of protocols called the TCP/IP was invented. However, this was just the start of the worldwide internet. The e-mail or electronic mail introduced the ability to send simple messages to other person in the network in 1971, followed by the file transfer protocol (FTP), which allowed information to be sent from one computer to another in bulk in 1973. ...read more.


The level of humour used in it makes it like no other cartoon made before. It can be seen as both a remarkable piece of global culture and hugely successful piece of global television. It has also been translated into many languages around the world. The Simpsons, themselves are a simple family in a small town called Springfield. All the characters in Simpsons are far more complex than in traditional animation. Homer, the loyal but stupid father, Marge, the stereotypical housewife/mother, Bart, the rebellious son, Lisa, the unappreciated genius daughter and Maggie, the silent baby. They all play a huge role in making the Simpsons such a hilarious TV show. However, making it a stereotypical family show and dealing with lots of issues in the adult world has not only made it famous, the humour used and the way it is used from the dialogues to the on-screen action and even making it as cartoon figures has made it the show that is one of the most popular animated series, especially in America. In conclusion, we can say the pop culture have made a huge impact in our lives. Miniskirts, internet and the 'Simpsons' is only few of the things that have significantly changed our view of different things in life. Fashion, technology, media and other pop culture will continue changing and who knows what significant trend and icon it will bring next to the world. ...read more.

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