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Princess bride

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Jessy McMahon CU Eng B/3 Book Critique The Princess Bride The book The Princess Bride by William Goldman, is a very classic and unique fantasy of history and never-ending love. Goldman creates characters within this book that not only have a great sense of humor and realism through the imagery he uses, but they also overcome various life long battles and are given somewhat of supernatural powers in many instances in the story. One major point that will not go overlooked in this book is that Goldman always places love above everything else, and allows his characters to do almost anything whether it's impossible or improbable for true love and honor. Goldman uses many literary techniques that intensify and liven up the writing many including satire, diction, underlying symbols, stunning imagery, but most of all he uses the most creative and astonishing character analysis. Goldman uses these unique characteristics in each of the characters to better illustrate the story, thus making it more impressive, heroic and epic with a bit of a satire twist within the book. In addition, these superior qualities make the characters' flaws and mistakes even more charming and funny, with seeing them in contrast with such prominence and magnitude. ...read more.


Buttercup looses her true love Westley and is forced to marry the terrible prince Humperdinck, where she is than faced with the hardest and ultimate decision of life or death, which Humperdinck could not stand, "Would you consider me as an alternative to suicide?"(45), although he is planning on killing her himself after the marriage. Buttercup is described as brave, bold, honest and hopelessly in love with Westley, according to Goldman love must always conquer all even the impossible, therefore the audience is always engaged on the problem or situation on hand, no matter what character it is. Goldman's creation of Inigo Montoya in the book was pure genius, not only did he have the amazing sword skills but he also provides the very catchy quote, "Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya; you killed my father; prepare to die." (69) This often repeated phrase that Inigo recites non-stop is for his ultimate encounter with Count Rugen, the six fingered man, "I do not mean to pry, but you don't by any chance happen to have six fingers on your right hand? ...read more.


Humperdinck is the ultimate jerk, trying to stop true love for his own pleasure; nevertheless he talks the talk, but never walks the walk. Humperdinck is too scared to actually challenge the brave Westley himself out of fear of loosing, so he decides to try to kill Westley through the torture device the Count, six fingered man, had built. Towards the end of the book Humperdinck is tied to a chair by Buttercup thanks to the help of Westley's droning on bluff speech about how he was going to pull apart Humperdinck bit by bit. Without the villain of Humperdinck the story would never had been the same, though he's nothing but a two-faced, liar, he is the character that brings us to the rising climax of Westley's death torture, the most "inconceivable" and exciting part of the story. William Goldman is so unique in everything he does, diction, sentence structure, underlying symbols and much more, but when it comes down to the character analysis, nothing can even come close. The personality and emotion within each line and quote of a character doesn't just tell about the specific character, rather Goldman shows us through each and every descriptive and in depth detail, sequentially formulating the faultless, immaculate and unforgettable story, The Princess Bride. ...read more.

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