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REPORT on Climate Change

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Report Human Impact on Climate Change: One of the most controversial and contested area of science in today's society is that of global warming. Its effects upon the earth and the question of whether or not humans are having an impact upon climate change. It has been discussed, analyzed and debated by scientists from many different fields of research. The purpose of this essay is twofold; firstly, to discuss the arguments for the existence of global warming and secondly, illustrates the fallacies in the arguments against global warming. This will be achieved by the exploration of several key articles related to the topic of global warming. In order to prove the existence of global warming the main arguments that will be used are, the effects of carbon emissions on the atmosphere, the clearing of land causing climate change and the changing land use patterns of Kenyan monkeys. Firstly, the article "Carbon pollution accelerates" overviews a report which clearly proves that carbon dioxide levels are increasing by unexpectedly high rates and that ...read more.


The report clearly shows how global warming is effected by a lack of vegetation management and how important keeping and protecting our native vegetation is in the fight against global warming. The Article "Monkeys stir climate fears in Kenya" demonstrates a result of climate change. Monkeys in Kenya have migrated from their normal habitat to a drier, more arid part of the forest causing concern between conservationists. This discovery is a sign of change in Africa's ecology due to carbon dioxide emissions. Richard Leakey (a Kenyan credited with ending the slaughter of the nations elephants) reported that "Africa is expected to be hit hardest by global warming blamed on carbon dioxide emissions from industry, transport and modern lifestyles in rich countries" ("Monkeys stir climate fears in Kenya, 2007). Another article that demonstrates a result of climate change is "Climate change 'causes big health risks'". This article disscusses The Healthy Planet, Places and People Report, released by the Research of Australia in October 2007. ...read more.


The NFA president Jock Laurie said, "One of our concerns is that the cost will be landed back in the agricultural sector and we are certainly not happy with that idea - that's one of the biggest issues." (Climate change is not man-made: farmers, 2007) This clearly shows that the farmers know that the agricultural sector is one of the main implications of climate change and they are afraid of what will happen to their farm if major action is put forward. In conclusion, climate change is very real, and is caused by an increase in carbon dioxide emissions. A decline in natural 'sinks' and inefficient use of fuels both contribute very highly to global warming. The clearing of natural vegetation and land clearing causes natural 'sinks'. "Native vegetation moderates the intensity of climate fluctuations and reflects more solar radiation back to space than broad acre crops, keeping the temperature lower" (Giles, 2007). Rising carbon dioxide emissions lead to an increase of temperature, as seen from the El Nino drought in 2002/3 in east Australia. ...read more.

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