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Report on Gender Discrimination in Shanghai, China

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Integrated Humanities Student Initiated Assignment (SIA) Report Background of Case Definition of gender discrimination In this paper, gender discrimination is to be understood as the treatment based on the sexual identity in relation to society and culture rather than individual merit, practicing partiality over a certain group. (Answers Corporation, 2006) Gender discrimination in Shanghai, China For women in China, the world is not a fair place. While it is undeniable that females has gained social, economic and political rights since 1949, China's rapid and massive transformation seems to be repelling Chinese women backwards rather than forwards. This trend can be seen even in China's most globalised city, Shanghai. As aptly said by Liu Bohong, the vice director of the women studies institute under the All-China Women's Federation, "Gender inequality is everywhere: from selective abortions to employers' preferences for male graduates." This can be shown through the employment rates of female and male graduates in Shanghai. Employment is essential for a steady income, and with a bias against females, the quality and standard of living for said gender will be significantly lower than its counterpart. According to a survey published by the Shanghai Women's Federation in 2004, only 8.7 percent out of the 21.7 percent female job applicants who wish to work in government agencies were successful in their application, lower than 11.7 percent of male graduates. ...read more.


Results of our survey and analysis To have a better understanding of the severity of the gender disparity situation in Shanghai, we conducted a survey within students of our age at the high school affiliated to the Shanghai Jiaotong University, which was where we were attached to at the end of last year for two weeks. A total of 200 students were surveyed, of which 100 were females and 100 were males. After each question, we would provide the results (represented in pie-chart form) and an analysis of the answers given, and at the end of the result analysis we would provide a summary of the results and our insights gained from conducting this survey. Tabulated results Question 1 Would you choose your child's gender? If yes, please state the gender preferred. Male students: Female Students: From this question we hoped primarily to find out if the students themselves actually have a preferred child sex deeply within their hearts. This fundamentally constitutes why the question of gender disparity rose in the first place. As the results have shown, the bulk of the majority has no preference over the gender of their child, and would like to go with nature. However, there are remaining students who would prefer one gender over the other, but they have orally provided us reasons such as 'Girls are closer to fathers', to quote a male student. ...read more.


As our surveys show that the deeply rooted impression of males as the stronger gender is fading in the new generation, or at least is true in Shanghai, we feel that providing courses to completely remove all such ideas will be the final blow to erase extreme gender discrimination in Shanghai. Also, we understand through the course of our research, that rural areas tend to have larger families for extra hands on the field, whereas more urbanized areas like Shanghai are slowly but surely contracting the cancer of women marrying later and hence have lesser kids at a more advanced age, or totally deciding not to have children at all for they see them as a burden. Thus, we feel that education on family control can be targeted at the group that requires it the most to be able to exercise its full potential. Though more help on the field might lead to more profits, an increase in the number of children will mean more mouths to feed and so the profits may be used to buy more food and the effect will hence be neutralized or even reversed, where the family may be running a deficit due to the lack of funds and excess of members within a household. ...read more.

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