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Research Methods

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McDonalds use a variety of different techniques for search purposes. Research for McDonalds means they can increase profits, gain more customers. Identify target market and raise customer's satisfaction. They will reflect the quality and the amount of product for different target market. The Mum's Panel In my opinion, The Mum's panel has 10 mums from across the United Kingdom who decide what should McDonalds Improve on and what they want more e.g. fruit bags, Happy meal and pure juice. They target mums because they are the one who bring their children to the restaurant the most and mums will know what they children enjoy to eat the most. ...read more.


As it says on their website "The Company is committed to responsible growth, and works closely with local planning officers and community groups when developing a new restaurant". McDonalds also try different designs in different locations to make it look attractive. McDonalds target local community if there's business community then they obviously won't have play areas and colour full poster on the wall. For teenagers, adults and business people McDonalds have got Wi-Fi and Internet Caf´┐Ż which forces these types of customers to visit the restaurants. The most stylish McDonalds in the world have been in build London. The restaurant on The Stand in London has been made over as a top class stylish place which you can tell by the restaurant look because it is a combination of chrome, leather armchairs, retro-seating, glass and sophisticated lighting techniques. ...read more.


If a restaurant is making profit and the customers are pleased then the workers will be rewarded for their hard work. But if the restaurant needs an improvement then the worker could get sacked or will get less paid and will definitely need training. This research targets local community to that restaurant. Salads Plus McDonalds added Salads because that the thing that wanted as it says on their website "Our customers told us they wanted a choice of lower fat dressings, which is why we're replacing all the options in the New Year. We'll continue to listen to our customers and make more changes where relevant". ?? ?? ?? ?? Hassan Abbas(tm) Candidate number: 4000 Leisure and Tourism ...read more.

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