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Researching about the UN

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Research organizations such as the European commission or the UN and , in particular , investigate their current standing or impact on world affairs. United Nations is an international organization which deals with International law, international security, economic development, social progress and human rights issues It replaced the League of the Nations in 1945 at the signing of the United Nation Charter by 50 countries. Now there are 192 members. United Nation Charter is a treaty, which establishes the UN. It's an agreement between the countries to create a government. It was created after the horrific World War 2, hoping it would prevent conflicts and wars in the future. Its most influential figure is Ban Ki-moon who is the General Secretary. He is the spokesperson and the leader of the UN. ...read more.


Though the General Assembly decides how much each member should pay by looking at how much it can afford. There is a smoking ban within the UN headquarters but some countries allow smoking its embassies. There are United Nation International Days to focus the worlds attention at a particular thing . For a example April 7 is World Health Day to remind members that one the Millennium Goals are to reduce child mortality , combat HIV/aids etc. The United Nations Millennium Declaration was signed in September 2000. It was the targets of the members. These are the goals: 1. Achieve universal primary education; 2. Promote gender equality and empower women; 3. Reduce child mortality; 4. Improve maternal health; 5. Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria, and other diseases; 6. Ensure environmental sustainability; 7. ...read more.


However UN and its organisations don't have to follow the law where they operate. At the moment the UN is helping the world incredibly. It provides things such as water , food and shelter to people who are in poverty , have been afflicted from war and other disasters. The UN has a World Food Programme, which helps feed more than 100 million people a year. Its UN Population Fund has helped maternal and infant mortality in 100 countries! Its organisation World Health Organization has impacted the world greatly it eliminated smallpox in 1977 and is now close to eliminating polio. Though sometimes the impact on world affairs in very little for an example in the Israel-Lebanon crisis in 2006 no action was taken. Their World Food Programme helps save lives in refugee crises and other emergencies. In helps improve nutrition and quality of life of people in developing countries. ...read more.

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