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Science In The News - Should Old People Be Allowed To Drive?

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The the the the theThe question I am trying to answer is 'Should Elderly People Be Allowed To Drive?' The new information I am trying to find to help answer this question is how the eye develops as it ages, as this may result in poor eyesight. Another thing i am going to find out is the statistics about the age of people causing road incidents, as this will show i the elderly are responsible for many car accidents. Here is the information that I have found out to help me answer the question and where I found it (the source). ...read more.


The most important parts of the information are that more elderly people are the cause of car accidents than young or middle aged people, because of this if the elderly did not drive, the number of car accidents will rapidly decrease. Also medical problems originating in the eye are more common in the elderly, than in young people, because of this they are more likely to have 'blackspots' on the eye, this is when there are areas of the eye that cannot see, but the person will see a blur of things from around the 'Blackspot' so they will not legalise there is a problem. ...read more.


The reasons I have made this decision are that because of equal rights, the elderly have the right to drive if they want, but I believe they should have to pass a medical as they are more susceptible to eye problems. People the economy and the environment are affected by decisions we make. My decision could have the following effects. Elderly people could feel prejudice against them as other drivers do not need to pass a medical, also it would be very hard to distinguish an age at which a medical would take place, as some 70 year olds could be medical more fit than some 60year olds. ...read more.

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