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Science in the Work Place

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Brunner Mond The International Chemical Manufacturers Daniel Holt Brunner Mond is an international business which has various locations around the world to cater for the worldwide demand for theses products. The United Kingdom based site is situated in Northwich, Cheshire, and the address for this site is situated below; Brunner Mond Post Box 4 Mond House Northwich Cheshire CW8 4JD United Kingdom The original site which was the United Kingdom based site is located in an area which can make their business needs. The Northwich sites are in close distance from the locations of the raw material needed. The sites are near to the Cheshire Salt plain which Northwich is upon and that provides Brunner Mond with Brine (Sodium Chloride solution), Limestone can be quarried and transported from Buxton which is a mere twenty miles distance from Brunner Mond. Some other materials collected from nearby areas are Carbon or also known as Coke which are imported from South Yorkshire coal fields and water from the River Weaver. All these areas of raw material are close to Brunner Mond which makes transporting and receiving these materials much easier. There are many transport links nearby to transport raw materials to Brunner Mond and to export the products from the site to valued customers. ...read more.


Brunner Mond's Soda Ash is used in specialised applications such as televisions, optical lenses and reflective road paint. Chemicals Brunner Mond's produce is used as vital raw materials in a wide range other chemicals, it is used in both the production and synthesis of many chemicals such a chrome and silicates. Some of Brunner Mond's products are used as intermediates in the manufacturing of some chemicals. Brunner Mond's products are used in leather tanning, brine purification and desulphurising iron; other applications consist of paper, refrigerants, foamed plastic and carpet underlay. The Importance Without Brunner Mond's input in the production of the raw materials of some of life's everyday such as toothpaste and mouthwash. If Brunner Mond did not exist we might be facing a big fact that these products may not exist or prices of these products would be considerably more expensive due to the fact that these raw materials would have to be imported from other nations; the expense of this would be past down to the demanding customers. Glass is used for various things such as windows, drinking glasses and for screens, without Brunner Mond we may not have windows in our homes to keep it insulated. The list goes on, Brunner Mond is essential to everyday life in the United Kingdom; whether is drinking, eating, warmth, health, ...read more.


Positive Environment Impacts Brunner Mond's Soda Ash and Sodium Bicarbonate are used in aqua and gas emission treatment; it is also used to treat waste water and water suitable to consume. Brunner Mond's products are used to neutralise and to buffer solutions to control the pH. Negative Environment Impacts Brunner Mond's waste affects many aspects of our environment, it affects our water and air and also creating noise pollution and energy waste. Some waste chemicals pollute nearby waters such as streams and rivers these chemicals consist of chloride effluent, Ammonia, solids and organics. The chemicals can pollute water but they also pollute the air, Ammonia, hydrogen sulphide which is toxic, Carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and particulates of dust are all emitted into the air causing the environment a lot of damage; the environment is also polluted by noise from the machinery. Environmental Control Legally, Brunner Mond is only permitted to operate if they keep within the safe amount of emissions, if these laws are broken the Pollution Prevention and Control as part of the Environmental Agency can suspend all operations immediately; also the company's individuals can be fined or indeed sent to prison, to avoid imprisonment and fines the PPC can enforce improvements. All of Brunner Mond's emissions must be put on a public record which any individual can see. http://www. en.wikipedia.org http://www.chinohills.org/DocumentView.asp?DID=567 http://www.bath.ac.uk/chemistry/postgrad/registration.html#qual http://www.chemmet.com/ http://www.theengineer.co.uk/Jobs/117291/Corrosion+Scientists++Engineers.htm ?? ?? ?? ?? 16 | Page ...read more.

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