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Should Fireworks Be Available on Sale to the Public

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Should Fireworks Be Available on Sale to the Public? What do you feel about fireworks? Should they be sold to the public? You will all have different opinions, but I will change your views, and get you thinking! Have you ever seen anyone that has been seriously injured by one accident, caused by one stupid firework? Each year people buy thousands of fireworks, these include: rockets, air bombs, roman candles, sparklers, and many, many more. There are even people that, dangerously and stupidly, make their own fireworks. In 2003, many hospitals kept a record of which fireworks injured how many people. ...read more.


Many people due to disruption, from the light and noise now dislike them. They were previously used on November 5th, Bonfire Night, and the 31st December, New-Year's Eve. But now they are used to celebrate birthdays, other special occasions and personal celebrations. Many people think of fireworks, as 'legal' explosions, that are used to annoy people and to attempt to hurt others. Even though many people want fireworks to be made illegal, they are not! We should try to prevent more accidents, by following 'The Firework Safety Code'. These are: 1. ...read more.


Each of these points should be carefully followed, other wise, there is an accident that is waiting to happen, and probably will happen! Even though many people think these guidelines are very obvious, there are hundreds of people that don't associate safety with fireworks! They are even widely known to be used at football matches. Last year on the 29th November 2003, at a Wolverhampton Wanderers match, a season ticket holder, Mrs Butler was hit in the face by an exploding firework, as she took her seat at the Molineux ground. She was then rushed to hospital, where all she had was the wound cleaned up and stitches. Now what do you feel about fireworks? Is that not enough to show you how dangerous fireworks really are? ...read more.

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