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Should Offensive languge be censored

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Should offensive language be censored? Censorship is the controlling and limiting of people's ideas and speech, with this, people's expressions and suppressed. This is mainly managed by the government in order to limit corruption and improve society. First of all, what is offensive language? This term is entirely subjective to different people. It is up to the individual whether or not they find it offensive. The level of offense increases due to the context of the word, so the level of offense is not simply put on the word itself, but the way it is used. ...read more.


We as teenagers often throw a few 'offensive' words into our sentences to add exaggeration or increase the humour. I often enjoy comedians and comedy shows more if there are swear words, as these can make them much funnier, and the use of them in the comedy media is increasing for this effect. Therefore, offensive language is more effective towards older adults who are not that familiar with the words, as compared to teenagers who often use it many times. ...read more.


When I walk through the corridors in school, I usually hear Y6's and Y7's swearing at each other for no particular reason. There have been attempts by the government in some areas to censor offensive language but these have failed, showing how strong offensive language has become and the general use of it. With this, we know that we cannot simply censor offensive language as it is used to often, and all we could do is to try limiting it in small amounts. ?? ?? ?? ?? Sheheryar IB1-2 ...read more.

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