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Should the use of cannabis be legalised? (Biology Report)

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Science in the News Should the use of cannabis be legalised? Cannabis is a drug derived from the plant cannabis sativa. It is by far the most widely cultivated, trafficked and abused illegal drug with about 2.5% of the world's population consuming cannabis on and regular basis. Up until 2004 cannabis was a Class B drug but has now been put down to a Class C drug. In this report I will back up my findings of the usage of cannabis with statistics and data that I find most reliable, and point out arguments both for and against the drug in a balanced report. ...read more.


I believe this is the most reliable source for this information in 2002 as it was collected by the British Crime Survey taken by the Home Office. If cannabis was to be legalised, a definite plus would be the decrease in important police time taken by the prevention of illegal cannabis use. This graph shows the number of cannabis convictions including cautions from 1945-1999. The graph shows just how dramatic the number of convictions there are per year and that police time could be put to better use if cannabis was legalised. I think this is a reliable source as it was published in the Home office annual statistics of 2000. ...read more.


Some people believe that cannabis is a 'stepping stone' or 'gateway drug' to other, harder drugs such as cocaine and heroin and that if it were to be legalised, there would be an increase in the use of class A and class B drugs. Others believe that when cannabis is legalised, more people will use it however, latest available statistics on cannabis use by country (taken by NationMaster) shows that in the UK, cannabis use is higher at 9% of people using cannabis than in the Netherlands at 5.2% where cannabis is legal in most places and this has been the case for a number of years. Cannabis is quite commonly known to help people who suffer from Multiple Sclerosis (MS) ease pains of spasming muscles and other symptoms that come with the terrible disease. ...read more.

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