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Should we Re-Introduce Capital Punishment

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Should We Re-introduce Capital Punishment in Britain? Capital Punishment is the ultimate punishment- death for a crime such as treason, rape and cold blooded murder. However capital punishment was removed in 1965. Forty years later more rapes are occurring and from very young ages. More deaths are happening each year and mainly the crime rate has been increasing. Should capital punishment be re-introduced? Capital punishment should be re-introduced for those who are uncontrollable due to the likes of peer pressure. If this were to be so then people/ teenagers would learn to control themselves and not give into peer pressure. However peer pressure is something where everyone has to have been trapped by it. If they make a mistake then why should they be given the death penalty? ...read more.


Image and reputation is a very big thing in society. It is also a big thing in gangs. It shows how much respect you are worth within the gang. Normally the most respect is given to the strongest but not in all cases. These people think that they run the society. So why doesn't the society get rid of these so called high stated people? On the contrary those people who have the high status in the gangs are probably due to the reason being that they feel proud to have this reputation. This could be due to them making a hash of their education. Many people who didn't achieve anything except a bad reputation in their school life. ...read more.


Some people do these kinds of things to get somebody back. The term revenge might come across ones mind. After all it is a life for a life, so what difference does it make? Yes it might be the same principle however is it the right way? Shouldn't they be punished the right way? Through the way of the law. Having stated these points, I think that capital punishment should never be thought of being re-introduced under all circumstances because it is a cruel and nasty way for them to die. If they have committed a crime such as murder then maybe another punishment should be in order like corporal punishment. However there should be limits such as if a person who is beating him makes him shed the teeniest bit of blood then he should be beaten up too. ...read more.

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