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shreak media course work [english]

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Shrek English Essay(c) In almost all traditional fairy tales, ogres are man eating beasts. The handsome prince always rescues the princess; they then marry, sometimes have kids, and all live happily ever after. Our question is: How do the makers and directors of "Shrek" use presentational devises and equipment reverse the traditional style of fairy tales and reveal that ogres are also good and princes can also be evil? The film "Shrek" is totally unlike any other normal fairy tale, it's a complete opposite to most traditional writing methods. Unlike "Cinderella" the handsome prince rescues the badly treated girl, they marry and "live happily ever after", the creators of "Shrek" have used an ogre, usually a big, ugly, man eating monster, to be the hero. This has been used to help create comedy and an interesting story line. This effect is also used while having the prince also the opposite here he is evil and ugly. Along with a chain of characters that appear to be playing each other's roles and magical creatures behaving strangely, the film is like a fairy tale which is completely the opposite of what we normally would have expected. ...read more.


This is the first time the audience realise that Shrek isn't the "terrifying ogre" that he portrays himself to be. When Shrek and Donkey are talking to one another, the camera angle changes from being low down when Shrek is speaking to Donkey (looking up wards from Donkeys point of view). To high up when Donkey is speaking (Shrek looking down on Donkey). This again emphasizes how big Shrek is compared to the other characters found in the film, which should make him more intimidating. The way, in which the film was choreographed, shows great significance in the way the cameras were angled, showing how characters compare to other characters and environment around them. Mid-viewpoint angle shots are used to make a relaxed scene between characters, where as shots from a distance show different heights from different places i.e. when Shrek and Donkey are next to each other on the quest the camera is from a distance to show how small they both are compared to the high castle in which Fiona is locked in. ...read more.


The film shrek tends to get ideas from other fairy tales such as beauty & the beast, sleeping beauty and 'babe'. Shrek as a film is unlike traditional fairy tales because of the reversal of normal character roles. One of the main tools was also using the correct actors i.e. only Eddie Murphy could do Donkey, but could they have just got a normal Scots man to do shrek? In conclusion the Prince is an evil laughable character who employs the skills of Shrek to full-fill his role. Shrek on the other hand, isn't like normal ogres and despite his attempts to scare Donkey away he eventually stops pretending to be something he isn't. The characters are not the only part of the film that makes it successful. The presentational devices used have an equal influence on the audience and affect humour, suspense, action scenes and character interaction. Different camera angles and lighting techniques have a subconscious affect on whether the audience like or dislike the characters and also fully understand the plot and humour aspect of the film. Shrek would not have been successful without the strong plot and along with well used presentational devices. ?? ?? ?? ?? English media course work(r) By yehuda Fletcher(tm) Page ...read more.

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