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staff communication and dealing with complaints

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Staff Communication These are the three main methods staff use to communicate to internal and external customers. Face-to-face At Thomas cook all members of staff will have to deal with internal and external customers face to face daily. To ensure that the customers are happy they have to make sure their appearance is presentable e.g. correct uniform. They also have to be aware of their body language when dealing with the customers. Communication will usually be between a staff member and external customers. This will be when the external customer enters the branch to book a holiday, ask any questions about different destinations, to pick up brochures if they are looking to buy a holiday and to change currencies for the country they are going to. At Thomas cook they will usually speak face to face as it is a quicker means of communication. On the telephone Thomas cook will use the telephone on a day to day basis. When they do use the phone it is usually to another member of staff at a different branch or to a customer that has phoned and left a message. ...read more.


* Try to see the problem from the customer's point of view. * Never tell the customer to calm down as this annoys them more. * Apologise for any inconvenience caused and to try to find a solution to the problem. Usually when the staff follow these rules all the problems are resolved. Sometimes the complaint will have nothing to do with Thomas Cook. For example; the weather at the resort was not as good as the customer expected. This would have nothing to do with Thomas cook but the members of staff will still have to be able to deal with the problem. They cannot say to the customer 'we cannot help and it's not our fault. Go and complain somewhere else.' This would annoy the customer and then they would more than likely put in a complaint about the staff and then it would be Thomas cooks problem. There are eight basic steps to handling complaints. This applies to all situations. * Listen carefully to the customer. ...read more.


* If the complaint relates to service or Thomas Cook policy, ensure that all paperwork (e.g. booking form, low deposit indemnity etc) is sent to customer relations together with your comments regarding the complaint. * If a customer brings in other evidence of their cause for complaint which Thomas Cook are ale to keep, (e.g. photographs, video) then these items should be clearly marked with the customer's name, address, departure date, the store name, ABTA number and budget code and sent to customer relations in Bradford. * Complete a RIO memo (not a complaint memo) for seven days after the fax has been sent. If customer relations have not been confirmed receipt of the complaint within five days, phone to chase. Then they will action the memo when the acknowledgement has been received. * The store does not need to send an acknowledgement to the customer as this will be completed by customer relations. * Complaints will be acknowledged to the customer in the writing and to the store by telephone within seven days. * Correspondence will be sent direct to the customer and a copy sent to the store at the same time (if requested on the feedback form). ...read more.

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