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Stake holders report

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Stakeholder report A stakeholder is a person or a group of people that affect or are affected by a business or organisation either from inside or outside the organisation. Stakeholders can affect a business or organisation internally or externally, this means that stakeholders can be from inside the business or organisation or they could be from outside the business or organisation, for example, at out school; teachers, students and the student council will be internal stakeholders whereas parents, governors and the local community will be external stakeholders this is because they are affected by and affect the organisation from outside the organisation. An example of stakeholders at my school is students because they affect what happens in the school for example what the school teach and they are also affected by the school, this is an internal stakeholder. Another example may be the exam board; this is because they affect what the school teach and what students have to do to qualify for GCSE grades. Stakeholders at school may include: Internal Stakeholders External Stakeholders Students Governors Teachers Parents Head Teacher Government Teacher Assistants Local Community Student Council Other Schools Suppliers Exam Boards NHS OFSTEAD Board of Education Transport Services I will now explain stakeholders at Chester Zoo. Some examples of stakeholders at Chester Zoo are: charities such as the RSPCA and the WSPA, other Zoos, the government, local residents and banks. Customers Customers are an important stakeholder because if there were no customers there will be no Zoo, this is because the Zoo will not have any money and will be unable to carry out its main aims such as conservation. Customers may also provide more money for the Zoo by visiting souvenir shops and by buying refreshments at the Zoo, this is known as the second spend, this is because it is something that customers have to spend apart from the entry fee. ...read more.


and European parliament. The government will affect Chester Zoo Chester Zoo in many ways. For example the government introduce legislation that will affect Chester Zoo. E.g. the minimum wage will affect Chester Zoo because as it has employees therefore it will have to use the national minimum wage when it pays people. Also the government have introduced legislation that all employees have to be trained in health and safety, this will affect the Zoo because they will have to pay for people to come and train their employees, therefore the Zoos profits will decrease. Consumer protection legislation. Chester Zoo are planning to build a rainforest resort where animals such as monkeys will live, therefore Chester Zoo will need planning permission. In order to get planning permission the Zoo will need to contact their local council (Chester council) and apply for planning permission. This may be a disadvantage because the council may decline their application; furthermore by applying for planning permission it will take time therefore it will take longer for the Zoo to build its rainforest attraction. Even though Chester Zoo is a charity and therefore does not pay tax, it is affected by tax because Chester Zoo receives gift aid. Also when Chester Zoo pays their employees the employees will also pay tax. Gift aid is when the Zoo can clam back tax from the government to increase their funding. Therefore if the government change legislations the Zoo may not be able to clam money and therefore will be unable to receive gift aid. National insurance is money that employees pay to the government, which is innately used to pay benefits and other expenses. This as well as tax will affect Chester Zoos employees because they will have to pay part of their wage/salary to the government. The economy will also affect Chester Zoo; this is because if the economy is in a recession, people will not have a lot of extra money to spend on luxuries such as visiting Chester Zoo. ...read more.


"Health and Safety inspectors enforcing Government legislation have ordered an increase in the distance members of the public have to be kept from potentially dangerous animals." Customers This will affect customers because if the Zoo was not to follow the legislation the Zoo will have to shut down and therefore Chester Zoos customers will have nowhere to go. Also some people may want to get closer to the animals rather than further away, and so may decide to visit a Zoo that will allow them to get closer to the animals, consequently resulting in Chester Zoo losing customers. This may also portray a negative image about the animals at the Zoo that they are dangerous. And so some people may not visit because they may see it as a dangerous hazard. Owners/shareholders Owners will be affected because they will have to make sure that the zoo makes the changes that it needs to. Also both owners and shareholders will be affected because it will cost the zoo money to increase the distance between the public and animals and therefore the zoo will need funding and support with costs. Local community The local community will be affected by this because the animals will have to move habitats within the zoo. This will affect the local community because if loud/noisy animals are moved closer to peoples homes they may complain. Government The government will be affected because if legislation is not followed it could have consequences for the zoo. For example the zoo could receive a fine or could be forced to shut down. Financiers Financiers will be affected because the zoo may receive loans to provide habitats further away from the public for the animals. Also if someone was to get attacked by an animal they would sue the zoo and thus more financiers for the zoo. This will give the zoo a bad reputation and may lead to the zoo losing customers. ?? ?? ?? ?? Ehsaan Mahmood 5134 Stakeholder Report 33125 1 ...read more.

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