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Standardized Testing and College

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"Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted" (Albert Einstein). This is true for standardized testing. The SAT (Stanford Achievement test) is a test that many high school students stress over immensely. Many students spend hours and hours preparing for the test, hoping they will get into the college of their choice. Math, critical reading, and writing are the three basic subjects on tested on the SAT. The scores of the SAT, or any other standardized test, do not give an accurate account of a student's intelligence, or their ability to learn the subject matter. Many very intelligent students do not test well when taking standardized tests and therefore their scores do not reflect their intelligence. ...read more.


Some students are very intelligent in history or science, and those areas are not tested over. Many students have been denied by colleges based on test scores, when really they were intelligent, just not in those areas of study. Scores received on a standardized test do not correctly reflect the students' true intellignece or their ability to learn. In reality, "some students simply do not test well many students are affected by test anxiety or do not show their learning well on a standardized test" (FairTest). Taking a standardized test for most students can be extrememly stressful and intimidating. The pressure to do well is immense, because more times than not, the score received determines the student's collegiate future. The pressure causes many students to freeze when taking the test, which influences their answers, which causes their score to drop. ...read more.


Many students work exceptionally hard during their high school years, to maintain good grades, only to take a standardardized, such as the SAT, and discover their scores are inadedequate, and are rejected from the college they chose. This is not fair to those students who have worked hard and have done their best through high school. Standardized testing should not be used as a punishment to students who do not test well. Colleges have become way too dependent on standardized tests, and place too much trust in their results. For all the hard work that students do throughout their high school years, one test should not determine their college acceptance. While the SAT and other standardized tests like it are good indications of a student's ability, they should not be relied on as the determining factor. There are many factors to a student's intelligence and one test cannot accurately reflect their true potential. ...read more.

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