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Steve Jobs

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Alex I. Steve Jobs Our lives depend on technology. In the developed world nine out of ten people have computers. For example, companies need them for communication, presentations etc. If computers have problems, companies lose business and lose money. Everything is on the computers. First of all why were computers made? Steve Jobs is currently the largest shareholder at Disney and is also a member of Disney's Board of Directors. Jobs is thought of as a leader in both the computer and entertainment industries. Together with the Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak in the late 70s, Jobs helped to "popularize the concept" of the personal home computer. In 1985 after losing a power-struggle with Apple's board of directors, Jobs founded NeXT, "a computer platform" which was made for marketing and education. Apple bought this in 1997 and Steve Jobs was back in the game. Once again he was back with Apple and was the Chief Executive Officer. - "(Who invented the computer?) is not a question with a simple answer. The real answer is that many inventors contributed to the history of computers and that a computer is a complex piece of machinery made up of many parts, each of which can be considered a separate invention" - (http://inventors.about.com). In 1937 the first freely programmable computer, then the memory of computers, in 1962 first computer game, 1971 a microprocessor, then ram chip spreadsheets word processors etc. ...read more.


He had been designing a very compact personal computer. He had done so thanks to his talents and the skills he had got from the Homebrew Computer Club; a local computer enthusiasts group. Steve took the opportunity and started selling the computer his friend had built. On April 1, 1976 was the official birth of Apple Computer. Steve Jobs has made himself famous. Nowadays many people own a computer. A computer is a electronic device which makes life easier. Apple's first sales came from a retail computer store called the Byte store. The owner of the store bought 50 Apple computers each for $500. A computer in 1950 would cost $600 and it was a lot then. It was expensive because it required so much assembly. In 1976 the Apple I computer came out. It was a personal home computer. The first computers that Jobs, Woz and some friends were designing and building was in Steve's parents garage in Los Altos. More of his friends saw this and were willing to help. In April 1977 the Apple II was introduced at the West Coast Computer Fair. Woz's design, the Apple II had a breakthrough, it very successful because of its performances. Also a big thing was that a disk drive was available. From then thousands of programmers started writing software for it. ...read more.


It is going to be a wide screen iPod, it is going to have apple's original webroweser (Safari). It is going to have google maps and much more fantastic new software for it. The release of the iPhone is going to be mid june 2007. An other great product that he presented was Apple TV, it is a product that promises to bring your digital entertainment life on your TV. Just from your computer. Could you imagine that you would be carrying maximum 75 thousand songs in your pocket? Steve Jobs is a great leader and innovator. He created the company and then came back to rescue it in 1996. Apple needed a great creative leader to be with them to create new great products and he was the best leader in the world to do this. Steve Jobs made it to the top again and Apple was making money. Steve Jobs has made history, he is about to enter and change new industries. Apple without Steve Jobs wouldn't be the Apple Company that we all know today. Hard Copy: Murray, Alan. "If Steve Jobs is to be punished, can shareholders be spared?." The Wall Street Journal (2007): 26. Riddle, John, and Jim Whiting. Stephen Wozniak and the story of Apple Computer. Unlocking the secrets of Science, 2002. Electronically: This site didn't contain publisher or authors name (<http://en.wikipedia.org/>.) Wikipedia, "Steve Jobs." Wikipedia. 10 Mar 2007 <http://en.wikipedia.org/>. Kopplin, John. "An Illustrated History of Computers." Computer Science Lab. 2002. 10 Mar 2007 <http://www.computersciencelab.com/>. ...read more.

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