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Stopping distance CDA

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Stopping Distance Coursework In this piece of coursework I will be investigating in how braking and thinking times affects the overall stopping distance. I will also be investigating the Highway Code's results on braking, thinking and stopping distances and analysis whether they are reliable and valid. Finally I will be discussing arguments for and against, whether the speed limits should be lowered to reduce accidents. Stopping Distance= Thinking Distance + Braking Distance * Stopping Distance - The distance required to bring a moving train or motor vehicle to a complete stop. * Thinking distance - Thinking distance is the distance that the car travels after the driver has seen the danger and before the brakes are applied. * Braking distance - refers to the distance a vehicle will travel from the point where its brakes are fully applied to when it comes to a complete stop. It is affected by the original speed of the vehicle, the type of brake system in use and the coefficient of friction between its tyres and the road surface. The graph that I have made from the data given to me on the Highway Code website clearly shows that the faster you are travelling, the longer your Thinking Distance is. It also shows that the greater your speed the longer your Braking Distance. ...read more.


Both the law and the DVLA encourage drivers to not drive with factors that increase the thinking distance, in case of accidents. Examples of this are that the law states that drivers can not have: Men should drink no more than 21 units of alcohol per week (and no more than four units in any one day) and Women should drink no more than 14 units of alcohol per week (and no more than three units in any one day). If drivers are caught drink driving they will be giving a charge or even a driving ban if serious e.g. accident and unfortunate death of victim. Also in case of bad rain or even if you're too tired for driving there are inns on long drive ways and hotels on the motorways so you can rest until fit to resume driving. Braking distance increases with speed. This happens because if the car is travelling at a high speed it will take longer to stop than at a lower speed. This means that at a higher speed the vehicle has more time to cover more distance. For example if the vehicle is travelling at 70mph it takes longer to reach 0mph than if the vehicle were travelling at 40mph. ...read more.


Where as Sam would argue that "Isn't it bad driving that kills people and not speed?" This is true but the speed the car is travelling at will have a huge affect on what damage is done when hit. An article from The Independent magazine in 2005 states "Opponents of tighter speed limits say that measures can be counter productive, forcing drivers to spend more time concentrating on scouring the horizon for speed cameras and keeping an eye on their speedometers, rather than concentrating on the road in front of them." I agree with this on some levels. Where as the government's road safety advisors claim "Speed limits in many towns and cities should be reduced to 20mph" Their report claims a default speed of 20mph in built up areas will help halve the number of deaths on Britain's roads within the next few years. The study also called for greater enforcement of 20mph zones through a new generation of speed cameras. BBC, 2007. Others argue that if speed limits were lowered then fuel economy would go up, meaning that cars will use less petrol to get to places. Thus saving the environment, by using less fossil fuels producing less carbon dioxide. But people argue that reducing the speed limit will cause more congestion on the roads, meaning that it will take longer to get to places and wasting more petrol. Mohammed Tanvir 5022 Science - Stopping, distance coursework ...read more.

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