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Swimming Scenarios Assesment

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Task Evaluation Scenario: In a swimming pool, a non-swimmer has fallen in the pool and is panicking. Meanwhile, a swimmer in the middle of the pool was found unconscious. A weak swimmer was having difficulties getting to a side of the pool. A bystander was at the side of the pool. The equipment provided was a rope and a noodle. This scenario has been carried out as a practical on the poolside and my task was to use the given equipment to assess the situation and act accordingly. Evaluation: Firstly, I noticed the non-swimmer on the edge of the side panicking. I immediately made use of the equipments provided and used a noodle. Since the non-swimmer isn't entirely all the way in the middle of the pool, unreachable. She is near the edge but I needed to reach for her, therefore I laid on the pool edge and used a loud, clear voice to tell her, "I'm going to use a noodle to save you. ...read more.


I immediately immediately pushed myself away from her because I remember that my own safety comes first when it comes to saving people. I used a clear and firm voice and told her I will not save her if she touches me and I told her to hold on to the noodle and I will bring her back safely to the "shore", but only if she calms down first. When I'm swimming back to the "shore", I look back from time to time to make sure she is holding on to the noodle with her head held up above the water. In the end, I managed to save all three swimmers efficiently and safely. The reason behind my strategy was firstly I didn't use the rope to save anyone. Because using the rope isn't one of my strength, therefore it will cost me a lot of time if I chose to use this equipment to save the weak swimmer. ...read more.


2. Assessment - I immediately assessed the environment, making sure the swimming pool is safe and made judgments on applying all I have learnt about life-saving. 3. Action - I developed a plan as fast as I could to rescue the casualties and tried my best to rescue them effectively and efficiently. 4, and After care - I was not able to do After care, this was due to lack of time. If I had more time, I would learn about After care so I would be able to apply it to the task. If I were to do this rescue over again, I would observe the environment first and give clear instructions to the bystander before jumping into the water, because it will a waste of my energy to scream all the way to the bystander. Other than that, I think I will follow what I did this time as it was quite an efficient rescue. ?? ?? ?? ?? Medora Choi 11AM 13th March, 2009 Year 11 MYP Physical Education: Aquatics Swimming Scenarios Assessment Ms. Bolton ...read more.

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