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Synopsis on Cocacola

Extracts from this document...


GBP-III Coca-Cola GLOBAL BUSINESS PROJECT III ________________ FINAL PROJECT REPORT A REPORT ON Coca-Cola Ltd. By Ashwin Vitta Enrollment No: 10BSUHH010073 A report submitted in complete fulfillment of the requirements of BBA Program of IBS Hyderabad. Submitted to: Faculty Guide: Prof Suryanarayan M DATE OF SUBMISSION: 15th October, 2012 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I am immensely pleased to place on record my profound gratitude and heartfelt thanks to my GBP coordinator Prof Suryanarayan M for taking out his precious time to guide me for completing the two credit course of Global Business Project. The project has really helped me understanding how to go about a project report and better understanding of the Coca-Cola. The project will be of great use to me in the future. I would also like to express my gratitude towards my institute ICFAI Business School, Hyderabad for giving me the opportunity to undergo a course of Global Business Project. I am especially thankful to my mentor Prof Suryanarayan M (faculty guide) for guidance and cooperation during the course and in fact without his navigational assistance it would have been very difficult for me to structure the project report. I would always be grateful to him for his help and support. And last but not the least, my heart-felt gratitude to those ?unseen hands? that have guided me throughout this project and have helped in its successful completion. . Table of Contents ACKNOWLEDGEMENT EXECUTIVE SUMMARY ABSTRACT SYNOPSIS OF THE PROJECT OBJECTIVES OF THE PROJECT METHODOLOGY OF THE PROJECT LIMITATIONS INTRODUCTION HISTORY PRODUCTS AND BRANDS ORGANIZATION COMPETITORS MISSION AND VISION STATEMENTS Mission Statement Vision Statement COCA-COLA'S POLICIES DIVIDEND POLICY CAPITAL POLICY PROJECTIONS SWOT ANALYSIS DU-POINT ANALYSIS RATIO ANALYSIS COMPETITORS ANALYSIS CONCLUSIONS REFERENCES EXECUTIVE SUMMARY ABSTRACT Coca-cola is an U.S based beverages manufacturing company, which operates globally and also became the market leader in the beverages industry. This report outlines the history and financial position of the Coca-Cola Company globally, compared to its competitors. ...read more.


In 2006, about 11.6 million US households were estimated to be Hispanic. This translates into a Hispanic population of about 42 million. The US Census estimates that by 2020, the Hispanic population will reach 60 million or almost 18% of the total US population. The economic influence of Hispanics is growing even faster than their population. Nielsen Media Research estimates that the buying power of Hispanics will exceed $1 trillion by 2008- a 55% increase over 2003 levels. Coca-Cola has extensive operations and an extensive product portfolio in the US. The company can benefit from an expanding Hispanic population in the US, which would translate into higher consumption of Coca-Cola products and higher revenues for the company. THREATS INTENSE COMPETITION: Coca-Cola competes in the non-alcoholic beverages segment of the commercial beverages industry. The company faces intense competition in various markets from regional as well as global players. Also, the company faces competition from various non-alcoholic sparkling beverages including juices and nectars and fruit drinks. In many of the countries in which Coca-Cola operates, including the US, PepsiCo is one of the company?s primary competitors. Other significant competitors include Nestle, Cadbury Schweppes, Groupe DANONE and Kraft Foods. DEPENDENCE ON BOTTLING PARTNERS: Coca-Cola generates most of its revenues by selling concentrates and syrups to bottlers in whom it doesn?t have any ownership interest or in which it has no controlling ownership interest. In 2006, approximately 83% of its worldwide unit case volumes were produced and distributed by bottling partners in which the company did not have any controlling interests. If Coca-Cola is unable to provide an appropriate mix of incentives to its bottling partners, then the partners may take actions that, while maximizing their own short-term profits, may be detrimental to Coca-Cola. These bottlers may devote more resources to business opportunities or products other than those beneficial for Coca-Cola. Such actions could, in the long run, have an adverse effect on Coca-Cola?s profitability. ...read more.


MARKET RATIOS Interpretations: The Price/Earnings Ratio of coca-cola is more than Pepsico and the industry avg. which tells that the investors of Coca-cola are expecting high rate of dividends as the company has declared giving dividends in 2012. The interest coverage ratio is also far high than the Pepsico and of the industry avg. so the company is maintaining the leverage properly and not exceeding the limits of debt which makes company very risky. So, the Marketability position of Coca-cola is better than the Pepsico. CONCLUSIONS Though there were certain limitations in the study that was conducted. The study of the company allowed to draw some conclusions on the basis of analysis that was done on the data collected. The SWOT analysis gave a clear picture of the company's position in the market while the other analysis like DuPoint analysis, Ratio analysis and competitors analysis gave a clear picture on the financial position of the Company. The Dupoint clearly described about the interdependence of the ratios on one another by disintegration of the ratios. The Ratio analysis gave the Liquidity, Profitability and leverage Positions of the company. It also mentioned about the marketability of company's shares and also some activity ratios which describes the efficiency in management of the resources of the company. The Competitors analysis clearly indicates that Coca-Cola company is financially stronger than Pepsi. Coca-cola's products are more popular than the products of Pepsi mainly because of its TASTE, BRAND NAME, INNOVATIVENESS and AVAILABILITY, thus it should focus on good taste so that it can capture the major part of the market. Coca-cola is also market leader in many regions in the world than Pepsico. In today?s scenario, investor is the king because he has got various choices around him. If you are not capable of providing him the desired result he will definitely switch over to the other investing option. Therefore to survive in this cutthroat competition, you need to be the best. Investor is no more loyal in today?s scenario, so you need to be always on your toes. ...read more.

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