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Target Marketing at Alnwick Gardens

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Target Marketing at Alnwick Gardens Alnwick Gardens appears to be targeting all kinds of people. It has been created with children in mind, there are lots of things they will have fun doing throughout the Garden. There is lots of water to play in and children's activities. It isn't a place for children from the age of 10 - teens because they would probably become quite bored as there aren't many activates for them there. There are ramps in the Garden for disabled people and wheelchairs for hire so this shows how they are trying to get everyone to the garden be putting in wheelchair access. The admissions are quite low and children up to the age of 4 are free with an adult. This suggests that they are also targeting young families to come to the garden. They also give discount to students, OAPs etc and discount to large groups of people. Normally groups would be either school children or middle-aged people. ...read more.


The website suggests car, coach, bus, train, plane or boat. Giving transport information shows that they are targeting people from all over from other countries and around the UK. Social Class It appears that there is no specific social class that would visit the Garden. It's affordable but It a very nice place to visit so although people higher up in the social class may be able to afford more, they would still enjoy visiting such a beautiful place. People of a lower social class may still be able to afford Alnwick Gardens and enjoy going there. The Alnwick Garden for young people The Alnwick Garden has been created with children in mind, who will find fun, exciting and interesting experiences throughout The Garden. Younger visitors can run through the Grand Cascade's jets, drive the miniature tractors and collect water in their buckets or splash in the rills. They can also visit the Poison Garden to hear gruesome stories about nasty plants, play hide and seek in the secret places in the Ornamental Garden or run along The Treehouse's rope bridges. ...read more.


Parents enjoy bringing their children to the zoo and going themselves. There is a caf� there where they can get lunch and a gift shop for the children to pick up souvenirs. At Bristol zoo the prices aren't very high so lots of different classes of people can afford to visit. They also have discount entry for OAPs and groups and children under a certain age. They also have a discount for school groups visiting which is quite often as it is an attraction for certain subjects. They don't advise an amount of time that you should put aside to visit Bristol zoo but it is advisable to make an enjoyable day of it and it's also near to Bristol centre. Age Bristol Zoo targets a large range of age groups. Mothers and young children are main targets as many children love to look at animals and mother's that have young children and don't work have time to go to the zoo and spend a few hours there. Older people also enjoy visiting the zoo, they may find it relaxing and pleasurable to walk around, see the animals and end in the caf�. ...read more.

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