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Target Markets (Leisure & Tourism)

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Target Markets Bristol Zoo Bristol zoo targets different markets, it offers a discount for paying groups and 1 adult is admitted for free with 7 paying children. This encourages schools to take trips as it will be cheap and the adults do not have to pay anything. Bristol Zoo also offers free admission the under 3's therefore encouraging parents to take their kids to the zoo as it is only one admission fee you have to pay. They also have concessions for students and OAP, Old Aged Pensioners. Within the zoo, the zoo offers a large variety of activities and services; it has lots of feeding sessions and animal talks, such as a lion talk a penguin feeding and talk. These are offered for particularly children to get them interested in animals while learning something at the same time. In the zoo, disables toilets are offered to target disabled people. The zoo also has a baby feeding room this will target parents with young kids. The zoo also has an activity centre /education centre, this is aimed especially at school groups as it offers a chance to get close to animals and learn information about the zoo and about animals. ...read more.


Bristol Zoo offer a senior citizens week this is aimed at older people as they will have activities for the elderly there. The Zoo also has club scout weekends this will be aimed at young boys as that is what the scouts are. They also have along the same theme Brownie weekends this will be the same as the scout weekends however this will be for young girls as the brownies is for young girls. Bristol zoo also offers a Christmas lunch this is mainly aimed at families with kids as people who want to go out for Christmas, Bristol zoo would not be their first choice. This way kids get to interact with animals while enjoying a Christmas lunch, this would also be good as a budget option for those lower down in the class rankings. At Christmas time the zoo also offers a family carol evening this again would be good for families with kids of all ages. Also at Bristol zoo as a special event there is a salsa evening this would is targeted at couples mainly to get them into the zoo while dancing. ...read more.


I don't think the elderly would like this because I think the loud noise and smoke machine would be too much, this is the same case for young children. The museum of prehistory I think is aimed at middle aged to older people as I think younger children cannot really take in any facts therefore making the visit pointless, however there is a section in the museum where kids have a chance to paint on a wall, this is aimed at kids but I think kids would only go in there if the parents wanted to. Rocksport is another activity the caves offer this is aimed at sporty people as it gives people a chance to climb up the caves. Another activity that is aimed at the sportier consumer is the gorge walk which allows you to walk along the gorge and take in some truly amazing sites. The caves also offer different types of tickets to target different people. The explorer ticket is aimed at people who are most likely to come back as it offers everything and anything you do not visit you can come back and see it another time. ...read more.

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