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Technological Developments

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Technological Developments The Telephone The telephone was the world's first way of communicating to people far away without seeing the person who you were conversing with. This was thanks to the Scottish scientist Alexander William Bell, who in 1872 independently designed a device that could transmit speech electrically. He rushed to the patent office with the contraption and went head to head with Elisha Gray, who had also created something similar, just hours within each other. The pair of them entered into a famous legal battle over this groundbreaking invention, which Bell won. Today, the telephone is one of the most common household appliances, and in the U.K., 98.5 per cent of the population own an example of the machine. All travel and tourism organisations rely on them (and would lose very large amounts of money and respect if they didn't), and research has shown that in a travel agent's offices, approximately every 3 minutes a call is made to the branch on average. It does not stop here though, as every airline in the world has a call centre for managing flight issues; either for a seat reservation on an aircraft, guidance/help, criticism or other criteria. Statistics show that telephone calls made to legacy or charter carriers make up for around 15-22% of their total revenue, so keeping in touch with customers who are not yet familiar with newer procedures is essential. ...read more.


This is because one page is allocated per user. Another shortcoming to the technology is some people may feel threatened towards their privacy, as users can see what each other are up to; all interactive pages are received by all viewers. Mainly because of these causes has the service seen a terrific downfall in the past half a decade, which was beforehand used by millions across the country as a substitute to the World Wide Web; the facility which has more or less succeeded it. Computers/Internet One of the biggest technological advances and developments throughout the 20th century (and further 'tweaking' through the 21st), which has benefited the travel and tourism industry's organisations the greatest, is indeed the evolution of the computer. From the first devices in the early 1940s that reassembled what a modern computer today looks like today, we have huge databases using scores of the machines that manage vital information. This includes airlines (for recording of flights [baggage, passengers' names etc. etc.), tour operators (for advertisement and reference), travel agents (again records of purchases, spreadsheets) and many, many other trades within the industry. It is not just the computer which we can picture today, however, that keeps up the cycle - computers on aircraft, mobile phones, appliances within the office, metal detectors, x-ray machines, and even conveyor belts play a vast role in making out what life is like today in the world of travel and tourism. ...read more.


This signifies the number of people planning their own vacations since 1998 at an escalation of 60 per cent. This year, two in four people went along with the trend, compared with only one in four adults who bought a 'ready made' package holiday. To help people book and choose their own stays at apartments or hotels, the German-owned company, Thomson, has created 'holiday bed banks', after realizing the disturbing figures shown earlier. As the firm expands its online sales operation, some eight-hundred jobs are to be lost as a result of this. Many other tour operators are also doing the same thing. The change of booking routines is having an impact on the industry, admits the Association of British Travel Agents. 'These predictions for independent travel are impressive and underline the reason why our members are adapting quickly to offer very flexible booking arrangements for those customers who want to remain relatively independent', a spokesman said. He also went to express his views about the package holiday, and believed that this not the death of it - 'more people are travelling on package deals today that ever because more people are generally taking holidays abroad'. What he did think had happened however, was that the market share had gone down, even when it is still expected to remain a significant factor in the industry. ...read more.

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