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The Dark Carnival

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THE DARK CARNIVAL The Dark Carnival is the fictional mythology of a concept album series, created by the Insane Clown Posse. The Dark Carnival is a God-like force with different "attractions".The Dark Carnival encompasses (in one way or another) the entirety of Psychopathic Records' artists and their albums (e.g. Twiztid is the freak show). The story involves six Joker's Cards, each relaying a message or showing some sort of moral story. It was loosely based around a dream that member Joseph Bruce had after forming the group, and Islamic and Christian theology. ...read more.


ICP takes this into a traveling "carnival" which shares the carnage from the inner cities with the rest of the world. The Carnival of Carnage is the actual Entity of the Dark Carnival. The Ringmaster is the overseer of the Carnival. He oversees your entire life and decides whether you are worthy to enter Shangri-La or doomed to eternal hell. The Riddle Box represents the mystery of life and also on the record talks about "living dead" as reference of what life could be like. ...read more.


represented by a flaming ball and for every sin he must juggle another ball while his wicked brother Jack tries to make him slip up. If your sins are too heavy, Jake will drop the flaming balls and you will not go to Shangri-La. The Wraith is, simply put, the grim reaper. This Joker's Card is represented by two exhibits, Shangri-La and Hell's Pit. It is unveiled that the Carnival is "God" and it's what has been the message the entire time. It also speaks of a Witch (Satan) that brings wickedness to the world hoping to take individuals to Hell's Pit. ...read more.

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