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The dropping of the atomic bomb : Justified?

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Was the dropping of the bomb justified? In World War II, for the first time, the United States had to fight a war on two fronts. Though the central strategic use of resources was provided for concentrating first on the defeat of the European Axis, on the American side this principle was liberally interpreted, permitting conduct of an offensive war against Japan as well as against Germany in the years 1943-45. The U.S. Fleet, expanding after its initial setback at Pearl Harbor much as the Army had, provided the main strength for an offensive strategy in the Pacific (although the Army devoted at least one-third of its resources to the Pacific war, even at the height of war in Europe). Overall, the United States proved capable, once its resources were fully mobilized, of successfully waging offensives on two fronts simultaneously-a development the Japanese had not anticipated when they launched their attack on Pearl Harbor. The beginning trigger for the full-blown war against Japan and America was the events of Pearl Harbour, which overall actually unified divided people. The bombing of the two Japanese cities by the United States, was the first time an atomic bomb had ever been used in history. Consequently, after much death and destruction, Japan surrendered to Allies on August 14th. ...read more.


It is highly possible that the Atomic bomb was a far less devastating amount of deaths than an allied invasion could have been. Secondly, it was quick. Economically and militaristically quick, it concluded the already long, bloody and costly conflict and returned troops home to their families to live their lives again. Thirdly, it did maximum damage to the Japanese War machines, being an excellent source of revenge from the events of pearl harbour. The dropping of the bomb could also be considered justified because it proved that America was an able country and that they should be respected in all their power and glory, perhaps warning other countries that if they go up against America then America will win and that America has complete independence and control over themselves without the support form unions such as the USSR. It could have been a possible way to enforce more pacifist ways. The Americans were already weary and tired from the already time-consuming, brutal conflict; to finish it however drastically, was a relief in itself. It was a relatively cheap option and was a perfect opportunity to test a M.A.D (mutually assured destruction) weapon. The Atomic bomb was a answer to the issue of wasting the Nations resources with a long war, when n other quicker methods could become available. ...read more.


bomb, they could have, but the need to satisfy the American public was too big and they were too anxious to get it over with. Extension: I think the opinions of dropping the atomic bomb would have changed over the years because it gave people time to think about their actions and feel regret and guilt at what they had done. It gave people time to recognise that the death toll was exceptionally high and people, Japanese children and women especially, died for no reason other than that supreme victory for America and the feeling the Americans got when they were successful in winning the war to the most extent matters. I think it gave people time to acknowledge the amount of pollution and radiation poisoning let out into the air, causing trouble for Japan and neighbouring countries. On a more militaristic basis, it could give Japan causes for revenge and could affect business, exporting goods or even start another war. Finally, I think the main reason is that these events could be triggers of other mass blood shed, i.e. the holocaust. If the Germans thought that it was ok for the Americans to kill thousands and thousands of Japanese, then surely it was ok for everyone else to. Also, the Atomic bomb ending the war was what drove the Cold War. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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