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The Flight English short story

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The Flight "This is gonna be so cool" Ryan said, staring at the 12inch model aircraft his twin sister, Beth got him for his Christmas. "Come on Ryan, you've never stopped staring at that since I got you it and you still haven't even said thank you" Beth said. "Oh yeah," he grinned "thanks." Ryan was 17, well built and his jet-black hair was nearly always spiked up with gel. Beth was 17 and looked exactly like Ryan apart from the obvious fact that he was a boy, probably what you would expect if you had a twin. "When's Jack coming?" Beth asked. Jack Forrest was Ryan and Beth's best friend from school and they had been friends ever since they had started school. "He said he'd b here at 10pm, Ryan said, looking at his watch. "its ten-to ten now sp we better put these suitcases in the car, that way we can head to the airport as soon as Jack comes." They wheeled the cases out the door and put them into the boot of the car. "I still can't believe we won those tickets to Canada on the new 5 star luxury plane." Ryan said as he lifted his suitcase and positioned it on top of Beth's massive holdall, "it's always been a dream on mine to fly in one of those planes, and it even has a restaurant!" ...read more.


Just as they were about to sit down a guy came barging through and knocked Jack over. He was middle-aged and was bald. He was the type of guy that you didn't want to mess with. "Watch it!" Jack shouted back at him but he didn't even turn around to look at him again, he just kept walking purposefully. Jack was about to shout back at him "Are you gonna say sorry or what?" but he changed his mind when he saw a vague outline of something bulging from his trousers - a gun - "Oh my God" Jack said, "Ryan, Beth, that guys got a gun". They looked round and saw it too. "We'll have to do something" Ryan decided. "What if he hijacks the plane?" The three kids all came to a decision to follow him. If they stopped and told a stewardess about the gun, it would cause panic and they would lose him. They walked quickly and followed the mysterious man. The three kids all went to karate and judo classes when they were about 10 so they all knew how to defend themselves. The guy led them down to the basement of the aircraft, three floors down from were their seats were. ...read more.


He was caught by surprise and he crashed to the ground, sending his gun sliding across the floor. "Don't move" She said to the other man who was about to make a gab for it. Ryan and Jack ran forwards and grabbed it before he got the chance. "I'll go up and tell someone" Jack said, "You two keep them on the ground. It wasn't long before the whole crew were in the basement, including the captain. It turned out that the captain was an old enemy of the two hijackers and they were going to crash the plane and parachute out before it hit the ground. "Well done" the captain said as he shook Ryan, Beth and Jack's hands. "You should have seen the faced of everyone when the lights went out," one of the crew members said, "Some people said they were going to die!" * Ryan, Beth and Jack all wore their bravery medals and the flight was still showing on the news. "This has been the best holiday ever" Beth grinned, "The snow here in Canada is great!" The all got on a taxi to take them to the airport. "To the airport please" Ryan said to the taxi driver. "Ok he said and turned around to give them an evil grin. It was the man who had tried to crash the plane . . . ...read more.

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