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The Haunted Resort (English Creative Writing Coursework)

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The Haunted Resort Diary - 15th November, 2008 It was one o'clock when I finally arrived at the Marigold's Mansion Resort. I am so excited to be here, to get away from home and the office for a few days, even though I so am spooked out to be staying in this haunted hotel. But, like Susie advised, I can't keep writing websites about haunted hotels without actually staying in one and experiencing ghosts. So, this is it. My first haunted hotel. I was horrified at the sight of the man at the desk. His bushy eyebrows and grey, shaggy hair made him look as if he might be a werewolf. He told me that the hotel was originally the home of John and Mary Marigold, but it had to be rebuilt after it was burned down. Apparently, Mary decided to leave John and locked him out of the home and, furious, set fire to the house. I guess he thought burning the house down would force her to come out and see him, but she got stuck inside or something and couldn't save herself. He had to rush in to try and save her and they both died a "flaming agonizing death", as the check-in guy said. ...read more.


It could be either the open window that caused the door to slam shut or the wood expanding and contracting repeatedly, not quite sure which. Old buildings often creak, and only superstitious people find it haunted. If I was meant to be scared because there was a 'ghost', I was never afraid. Went out for a walk this morning, and enjoyed the bright sunshine. Breakfast was scrambled eggs with toast and there was cereal as well. Drank orange juice that tasted more like water. Next to the dining room was a door made of steel. Seems to be the only door that is not wooden. Opened it and saw a king-sized bed with two pillows and a duvet that looked as soft as silk. In the corner of the room was a wardrobe as tall as me. Could not open it. On the left side of the bed, there was another room. This door was made of a different type of wood - walnut wood, I'm assuming - than the other doors, which are made of old cherry wood. I opened the door and inside was a bathroom. ...read more.


I opened my eyes, thinking it was the sun coming out, but the light seemed to be coming from an antique lamp. I checked before and there was no battery or electric cable supplying the lamp with electricity. Had to be honest I was frightened and could not understand what was making the lamp brighten? I was confused. This time, I had no answer to this situation. A moment later, I heard a loud and deafening scream. I know the noise could not be a gadget in this room because the sound seemed far away. Suddenly, the lamp fell on the floor and it seemed as if a fire was spreading. In the sudden bright light, I thought I saw a woman appear in front of the desk. She had blonde, wavy hair and was wearing a dress. I recognized her from the picture on the desk. Why was I imagining such things when I know ghosts do not even exist? Was I drugged? The more I think about it, the more confused I get. The woman in the picture must have sneaked into my room and set the trick up. But how? Something must be happening to me. Why can't I find a good explanation for this? Need to leave now and see a doctor before my condition gets worse. Word Count: 2,057 ...read more.

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