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The Human Condition

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The human condition is the experiences in life which makes us who we are. Aspects of the human condition are conveyed to the audience through Les Murray's, The Widower in the Country, Anna Maria Dell'oso's Homeland, and the 2002 film directed by Danny Boyle, 28 Days later. Such ideas include loneliness and isolation and how we respond to the subsequences encompasses all the experience of being human. Isolation plays a profound effect on humans, and our capacity to cope with this notion is what makes us mortal entities. In les Murray's The Widower in the Country the poem discusses the mundane life of a man suffering from the death of his wife. The choice setting of the poem-the countryside-clearly reflects the widower's isolation; the vastness and emptiness of the setting conveys to the responder the experience of the man himself. Furthermore, Polysyndeton with the listing of his normal everyday routine such as "I'll get up soon," "I'll stand out on a hill" represents the mundane circumstance and how the protagonist cannot escape from his monotonous life due to the isolation resulting from his heavy loss. ...read more.


accentuates Anna's longing to belong and her worry that, "if my parents go, the old country inside me vanishes with them", that is she will lose her unique identity. The use of rhetorical questions also makes Anna more reflective, "how could they leave to sit in the sun of sepia photographs and light candles in the church of memory?" the rhetoric device also expresses her confusion and mounting dissatisfaction due to her isolative state. Anna also yearns for her past and a happy future, shown by the allusion to Snow white and the "apple of time". She too wishes that she could stereotypically in fairytale stories, "live happily ever after". Evidently, we can see Isolation conjure up a mixed array of emotions and how we react to them is what makes us humans. Isolation is a common thematic idea and how we respond to this conviction is a fundamental of the Human Condition. Just as Isolation has caused changed in Les Murray's The Widower in the Country and Anna Maria Dell oso's Homeland, sequestration is also a factor in human alteration in the 2002 film directed by Danny Boyle, 28 Days Later. ...read more.


One of the best shots which incorporates and encapsulates Jim's reaction, is a close up shot of Jim's appalled face as he reads the transcripts of those dead on a notice board at Piccadilly Circus, showing his incredulous shock. Inevitably, his mounting frustration from his isolative state is his downfall. In the latter stages of the film, Jim goes on a rampage distinguishing neither friend nor foe, obliterating all in his way. We are given a final medium shot of Jim, dripping wet, standing amidst a storm, caked in blood and mud with a baseball bat in his hand; a rather graphical change from the innocent young man he was portrayed to be in the beginning of the film. Thus we can see, solitariness can drive people to the point of aberration, causing horrendous change, and our reaction to this is what makes us human. Isolation is a key aspect and how we respond to this notion is a critical idea of the human condition. As shown in Les Murray's The Widower in the Country, Anna Maria Dell oso's Homeland and the 2002 Danny Boyle film, 28 Days Later, Isolation plays an astounding effect in our lives, shaping and defining who we are. ...read more.

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