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The imperium of man

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The Imperium of Man The year is 22,000 AD, and the seed of mankind has spread far into the Galaxy. Great ships bore us down upon alien worlds, where we grew, and prospered. But all was in chaos, for the worlds of man were far between, and communication became impossible over the vast empty void of space. The human race lapsed into isolation, and those lost forgot the wonder that was Terra. Without the Earth to guide them, the lost peoples of mankind fell destitute, and degraded to archaic technology. However, we began to evolve, and the true potential of human minds became apparent. We, the lost hungered for the earth, our only true home, and we sought ways to close that vast emptiness. Then, when we began to lose hope, a way manifested from the darkness. The first Psyker was born. A mind of such magnitude, the emptiness of space became but a miniscule distance. He united the 1000 worlds of mankind and the Imperium was born. Venerate the immortal Emperor, for from his golden throne come the words of our God. Destroy the Alien, for they seek OUR destruction. Annihilate the Mutant, for all should be born in the image of our Emperor. Purge the unclean. The galaxy will know our eternal wrath. Codex of the Psykers, 'annosus ab Imperium' Captain Lukas Alexander sat deep in thought upon the Harbinger class cruiser 'Reaper', the hum of the fusion drive reverberating around the ship. ...read more.


Their leader was a savage warlord, augmented by the mismatch technology of the Orcs. The warlord was huge, a full ten feet in height, and when he was seen on the battlefield (which was often), the warlord was covered from head to toe in armour and ballistics, to the dismay of the imperial guard, none of which impeded his movements. The sounds of gun-fire could be heard to the distance when Alexander stepped out of the shuttle on to the aerial platform of Victory Bay, the last bastion of man in the Aberon star-system. The scene around him was frantic, brigades of Imperial Guardsmen were loading weapons and armour on to the large drop ships which were used to get to the battlefield. Alexander started fuming, if the chaplains saw this, commander Thule would be here with his Marines in a matter of days. He would not allow the guardsmen to be disgraced again. A seemingly idle rifleman spotted Alexander from afar, and he swiftly ran towards him. The rifleman was a Karskin, elite of the Imperial Guard. Alexander didn't like The Karskin; they were cold and ruthless, and far too similar to the warrior-monks of Mars. The armour was mostly black, and the helmet was slightly pointed, with emerald green telescopic eyes. This was obviously a sharpshooter. "Hail, Captain," the Karskin said from beneath his helm. ...read more.


Alexander turned around, standing before him were dreadnaughts of metal and science. Warrior monks who, because of their diligence on the field of battle, were awarded long life and Tactical Annihilation Power Armour. The pride of the Adeptus Mechanicus of Mars. The Armour imbued its wearer with artificial adrenaline and accelerants, a necessity when considering the charged metal plates weighed an access of two tons. The men and women beneath the Armour were super human, in every sense of the word. Genetically enhanced to match the strength of the more capacious of the Alien races. Despite the vast weight, however, the Terminators were lithe and ,imbued with accelerants, quick to respond to any situation. "We live but to serve, lord General," the terminator sergeant announced, "where do you need us most?" "The Horde have settled yonder westward," Alexander pointed, and simultaneously, the helmets of the Terminators turned to look west, and Alexander cringed as a cacophony of artificial sounds resonated from the Armour. The Terminators we're more mechanical than human being, perhaps a necessity to drive their cold ruthlessness. "Ahh yes, there are many of them." "Sergeant. Destroy them." A deep crackle boomed from the Sergeants' helmet, the sound of a terminators' laughter. "The night will be filled with blood and fire. These Aliens do not have a prayer." The Terminator battalion marched from victory bay and headed west. The last declaration of the sergeant echoed in Alexander's mind. He knew the Terminator was right, and for some reason, that terrified him. ...read more.

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