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The Last Chance

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As the car arrived, I couldn't help thinking about the past, thinking of the good times and the bad times. I couldn't help but wish there was less bad times, wishing that I wasn't such a typical teenager, and appreciated what she did for me. She was the best mum anyone could have wished for, I loved her not just because she was my mum, but because I could talk her about anything. She was like my best friend. But now I've lost her for good, and she won't ever come back. It stared about two years ago, after just starting my 5th year at secondary school; she kept saying it was just appointments about her back, as she took a nasty fall out riding few months before. But it always felt like she wasn't tell me something, it felt like the person I could poor my heart out to was lying to me, but I was always to afraid to ask for the truth. I felt like I was being pushed away, so naturally I turned to my best friend, feeling scared and worried about my mum I told Becky everything, she even thought that my mum was maybe hiding something, but told to stop worrying about it and push it out of my head as we had our GCSE mock coming up soon. After attempting to push this out of my head, I couldn't but knew I had to revise for my mocks I knew it was important I just couldn't remember a word of anything I read. It was frustrating, and I wanted to explode with anger. But I knew if I did it would take an eternity to calm down again. As well as coursework and exam preparation I had to cope with looking after horses morning and night, as mum was too ill cope with it, coping with this all was tearing me up inside knowing how much I had to do with so little time to do it. ...read more.


They gave her less than a year to live. I wanted to wake up from this nightmare, I didn't want to believe a word they where saying, I actually couldn't listen to the doctor anymore; I had to get out of there. I walked after he droned on about other who had been through the same, it sounded awful and that's when I decided I couldn't listen to him anymore. Twenty minutes after a walked out, my parents finally came through the pale blue doors, I was excepting them to be either angry with me for walking out or crying about the news they had just been told. But they were emotionless until they just smiled at me when they saw me but then went back into an emotionless state. We walked through the hospital toward the main entrance, we had walked through hundreds from when I was little and had appointments with allergy doctors, we always used to stop at the shops and buy a McDonalds but this time we walked straight past it without even having a look at the shops or stopping for food or even a drink. We reached the car and all climbed in, none of talking, thinking about it I don't think any of us knew what to say. I had this indescribable feeling in the pit of my stomach I don't know if it was a mixture of fear and regret or something else, I just couldn't put my finger on it. It took about thirty minutes to get home, once there we walked in still silently, as I walked through the sitting room door the phone starting ringing, I answered hearing the voice on the other heard it was my Gran, calling to check everything was ok. I burst into tears and slowly sputter out the words "It's all gone wrong, she can't fight anymore" my dad walked in and a passed the phone to him and ran upstairs to my bedroom and just cried. ...read more.


He hugged her lifeless body, and kissed her forehead. We left the building trying to be strong, but burst into tears as we reached the car. We drove back to were we staying, and collected everything, including mum's things and packed them into the car ready to drive to the air port to fly back home, making sure a had the bags that mum gave me the day before. We got back home and made the final preparations for mum's body to come back home, and made all the funeral preparations. We decided to make a video about mum, and found photos of her at different stages of her life, looking at them reminded me of the good memories. But I still kept thinking about the times we used to fall out, and have huge arguments, I kept telling myself not to think about them and remember the good times. While thinking about her, I suddenly remembered the bags she gave me, I gave the others to rightful owners, then went I got mine, I opened it and saw a picture frame, I pulled it out of the bag and found a picture of us two together. It was a picture we had taken a while ago, before any of this had happened. I placed it on my shelf above the end of my bed, where I could see it from wherever I stood in my room. It made me smile, and I instantly thought about the good times we had. Week later it was the funeral, so many people came to pay the respects. They told me about what me was like at school and the nights out on the town they had when the were younger. Listening to all the stories, it made me realise that my mum was always a fun person to be with. We stood outside waiting for the car to arrive which was carrying my mum's coffin. Looking at my dad, he hugged me and told me that he loved me, and how much i was like my mum, and how proud he was of me. ...read more.

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