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The Police Service

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The police service Before starting this assignment I evaluated two public services that I was contemplating joining. For this I looked into the police and fire service and concluded that I would prefer to join the police service rather than the fire service. I am now going to look into the police service more in depth, exploring all options and forces that I would wish to join. The police service consists of 43 forces in England and Wales. Each has different roles. There are many ways in to the police a lot of people become special constables before applying or after being turned down by the police as an officer, this allows them the experience they require in situations that may arise in the police application form and the knowledge to deal with the responsibilities of being an officer. Also many people stay on to further education in order to improve there qualifications and fast tract into a higher job within the police service. In order to join the English police force the applicant must be aged eighteen years of age or above, the police prefer older candidates as they ...read more.


* Must not have any convictions * Must successfully pass all elements of the selection process relevant to the post that they are applying for * Must be cleared in respect of the counter terrorism checks * Must be security cleared Central operations department Covers a wide range of support units such as: mounted branch allows police officer to carry out High-visibility policing this deters criminal activity and reassures the public as it is easier for the public to approach the officer compared to if they were in a vehicle due to the slower nature of this patrolling. It is thought that his improves the relationship between the police and public. Another role connected with the use of police horses are large events such as policing major sports events as it is easier to manage a large crowd. Police horses are also used for missing or wanted person's searches as the police officer is able to cover a lot more ground on horse back rather than on foot, and has more accessibility to fields than cars do Police searches. ...read more.


This department is responsible for making the airports and the surrounding area a hostile environment for criminal and terrorist activity by patrolling inside and outside the four terminal buildings and the local area. They must maintain an effective response to terrorist activity, working with partners and wider airport communities to gather intelligence, detect and prevent crime and dismantle organised criminal networks Human resources directorate They make sure that the police officers and staff are working at the highest possible standards. They recruit, train and develop all staff helping them to develop their careers. Commissioner's private office This is a fairly small department but very important providing professional and support function for the commissioner and deputy commissioner The police service is a rewarding and beneficial career choice, it offers many career paths in different departments and being a police officer would be a diverse and fulfilling job, it would be an adrenaline rush to not know what the next call would entail. The aspect of the job that appeals most to many people is knowing that they would be part of such a huge service protecting the public and community from crime. ?? ?? ?? ?? Uniformed services Amy Ledster Public services ...read more.

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