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the selection process to get into the police

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Assignment 4 To facilitate this assignment I will be describing the entry requirements, the initial training program and future opportunities in the given uniformed service. For this I will be exploring the police force. Task A, pass criteria Entry requirements Completing an applicant form is the first stage of the selection process to get into the police, there are necessary requirements that the applicant must meet: * In order to join the English police force the applicant must be aged eighteen years of age or above, the police prefer older candidates as they have more life experience. * They must also be a British, Irish or a commonwealth citizen they must be deemed of good character * Must be physically fit and health * Have a full driving license or be in the process of learning. All candidates: * Seeking selection in the police service must be of the highest integrity, honesty and have respect for diversity. * Must not have any convictions * Must successfully pass all elements of the selection process relevant to the post that they are applying for * Must be cleared in respect of the counter terrorism checks * Must be security cleared Task B, pass criteria Training process "If your application to become a Police Officer is successful you will initially serve a two year probationary period." ...read more.


Helicopters are mostly used but planes are also. They have technology including thermal imaging cameras which work by following heat sources and which transmit pictures to ground commanders. They often assist with serious traffic incidents. Specialist operations department They deal with tasks such as intelligence, security, protecting politicians, embassies and royalty. They also investigate some categories of serious crimes like racial and violent crime and terrorism. This department is responsible for making the airports and the surrounding area a hostile environment for criminal and terrorist activity by patrolling inside and outside the four terminal buildings and the local area. They must maintain an effective response to terrorist activity, working with partners and wider airport communities to gather intelligence, detect and prevent crime and dismantle organised criminal networks Human resources directorate They make sure that the police officers and staff are working at the highest possible standards. They recruit, train and develop all staff helping them to develop their careers. Commissioner's private office This is a fairly small department but very important providing professional and support function for the commissioner and deputy commissioner. Task B, Distinction criteria Training During training many candidates pull out there are many reasons for this the simplest of them all is the inability to keep up with training, whether the fitness aspect is too much or the candidate attends an extremely horrific scene and believes that they are not cut out for the job mentally or physically. ...read more.


On completion of 16 years service �33,810* 224 hours (28 days) On completion of 17 years service �33,810* 224 hours (28 days) On completion of 18 years service �33,810* 224 hours (28 days) On completion of 19 years service �33,810* 240 hours (30 days) On completion of 20 years service �33,810* 240 hours (30 days) Sergeants earn between �33,810 and �37,998* Inspectors earn between �43,320 and �46,989* Chief Inspectors earn between �47,949 and �49,923* * Officers who have been at this point for more than a year will be entitled to access a competency related threshold payment of �1,222 per year." (www.grampian.police.uk/Careers (Accessed 03.03.08)) A disadvantage would be the added responsibility they could go from being responsible for theirs and their partners actions to responsible for a whole force of officers, also the amount of paper work would increase with promotion. An advantage is extra training which would improve standards of work they are able to carry out and therefore open more career options. Also the higher their pay the higher their pension will be. The amount the disadvantages and advantages will effect someone is based on their personal ability and whether they deem the advantages to out do the disadvantages or by reverser. The police force has a very thorough selection process, training programme and a very diverse path of progression. ?? ?? ?? ?? Amy Ledster Uniformed employment Assignment 4 ...read more.

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