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The Stepford Wives Conformity

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The movie 'The Stepford Wives' demonstrates conformity. At the beginning of the movie when we were first presented with the houses in Stepford, they all appeared very similar. They were all two story homes with immaculate gardens. The wives in Stepford all had the same appearance with blonde hair and very similar dress sense. They would never leave the house with out looking beautiful. A good example of this is in the beginning when they were working out they were dressed in very classy clothes and had makeup on. Their main intentions were to please their husbands and to make sure that they were happy. The men of Stepford also have the same appearance and all are geeky looking men. ...read more.


Many changes occur in the women of Stepford once they have conformed. Once the women have conformed they all have immaculate blonde hair, their dress sense changes, they obey their husband's orders and their houses become extremely clean. An example of conformity amongst the Stepford wives is the author. Before she conformed her house was the messiest one, she never cooked and she never listened to her husband. After she conformed she was the exact opposite. Her house was very clean, she always cooked and she always did what her husband told her to do. In the movie 'The Stepford Wives' I believe that there are more disadvantages than advantages. The advantages of conforming in my opinion are that they are not in the outer group, they get to relate with other women, their houses are perfect and they make their husbands happy. ...read more.


They all act in the same manner and they all spend lots of time together. In the beginning she was considered a member of the out-group because she had brown short hair, she did not spend her whole time impressing her husband. She always asked questions about Stepford and the other wives. She would always snoop around and she did not spend all her time cleaning her house. Joanna is influenced by the people of Stepford because they seem to be happy and living in a happy household. She wants to live a happy life because she feels her family isn't happy. I also think she fells pressured to be like them because she is in the outer group when they have their little exercise group or in their book club. She wants to fit in amongst her neighbours. ...read more.

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