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The Strange Day

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Kimberly Cuthbert-Holmes May 12, 2006 St. Thomas Aquinas Period 1 The Strange Day Today started like any other day in Omaha, Nebraska, except for the temperature. Usually, the average temperature for Omaha in November is 55 degrees, but today it was 90 degrees! That's 35 degrees higher then normal! It is extremely HOT! Therefore, I got out of bed with sweat dripping off my face and headed down the hall to take a nice hot shower. Boy did that shower feel good. After I dried off, I headed downstairs for breakfast. I could hear the bacon sizzling and the eggs frying in the hot iron skillet, the toast pooping out of the toaster, Katie, my oldest sister, squeezing oranges to make fresh orange juice, and could smell mom's homemade coffee cake. ...read more.


The why we call Lemon the cow, reason Lemon is because she has a sour attitude. Once, one dad's friends, Dick Jones, the owner of the local restaurant Uncle Dick's Old-Fashion Barbecue, located on Sunny Lane, was milking the new cow dad had just got from Iowa. As Dick began to milk her, she kicked him extremely hard! Dick was rushed to the hospital immediately. Now to this very day, Dick sits in a wheelchair and is never able to walk again. "And last, but not least, Kimberly, you go out and get the mares from the field." Probably, Joey, the blacksmith is coming to shoe the horses. As I headed out into the pasture, I saw a great big flash, as if someone was taking a picture of me with the flash on! ...read more.


I answered with a quaver in my voice, "No... This is Ed Holmes' property, located on the planet Earth." Then, the alien asked me, "Are you a humanoid?" I answered, "No, I'm Kimberly and you are?' The alien replied, "I'm I90ZX231 the twelfth. Well Kimberly I must be off. I need to get to the planet Snowflake so I can go skiing. Wait, I have a better idea, I'll bring you to my home planet, Cherry Paradise, best known for their forty-three flavors of cherries!" I said with a trembling voice, "But, but, but I can't go with you, I need to get the mares out of..." Then, suddenly I woke with my two younger brothers were jumping on me to get out of bed and downstairs to eat breakfast. I must have slept in. It was all, a dream... ...read more.

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