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There are various sides to me. I have different personalities at different times, places and with different people.

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Original Writing There are various sides to me. I have different personalities at different times, places and with different people. Most regular people do have different attitudes and behavior with different people but I am unique. Hello, I am Athiq and welcome to my ever act changing world. Firstly, there is school. Past the last three years, I have been acting really mad and childish. Some of my friends would have said that I act like an idiotic. Some I do not show my original side of being childish because I know the way they are going to react. The people who get to see the real me every day apart from my family are my really close cousins who are my age, and I can tell you right know that there aren't that many people in the world who I would act myself in front of. I do not act like a small kid, I am kid. I am quiet forgetful sometimes, "forgetful and no memory strength" would be the term my mum would use. However, I think differently. I only forget things, which do not sound like a big deal to me. But my dad makes the smallest mistake sound as if it cost the world. The way I get past these problems is by thinking positive, I try not to let others decide the person I should be. ...read more.


I used to love science. I wanted to be famous man who used chemistry to help the world to find a new antidote. My mind changed several times past the last four years. Once I wanted to be an astronomer. I wanted to study the galaxy, know how the galaxy works. Know I do not know what I want to be when I grow up. I feel that it is important for everybody to have an aim in their life so they can work towards that aim while they are still young. Athiq is a very good boy. Always listening, paying one hundred percent attention, puts his hands up whenever he is confused and not shy to speak up and say he does not know how to do this. He is one of the mature students in the year group. He does not come up with any stupid remarks or say anything silly like; "My ink has run out". If you wanted anything done then you could count on Athiq. He pushes himself hard to achieve his goal and sometimes goes even further. He is very helpful as well; whenever somebody else has a problem with his or her work the wonder student would save me the trouble and let me get on with other important things. I have taught Athiq for two and a half years and I personally believe that Athiq has gone from strength to strength not just in maths, but in his attitude, behavior and effort. ...read more.


He has the gift; the gift to make something so insane as losing 5-0 sound descent, especially whenever Chelsea is the defeated team. However his gift and many other talents cannot guide him when he is a proper mess, this is the part when he starts saying things really stupid and keeps on saying, "So". If this part of his tactics is not working then he tries his best to lead my mind away from the topic and into something else. I do not know how he does it, yet he does manage to do it without me noticing. In the past three years, I have seen Athiq as a mad man plus a boffin. He used to be big headed and showed off a lot. He wanted to be top, but fortunately he was not, God knows how he would have acted if he really was all it. However, he has made a vast improvement to his behavior and attitude. It is much easier to sit next to him now without the anxiety of being pestered. Infact, I like arguing with him now. He is much more logical, and does not sound like an idiot. I get to prove my point and get it through to him. Despite the big attitude change Athiq has not lost his ever ending qualities in every aspect you look at him. He is great the way he is now. All I have to do now is to keep my fingers crossed ad hope he does not change back to the old Athiq. Athiqur Rahman 10C Candidate N0: 97170 English Original Writing 15/10/2000 ...read more.

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