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This house believes recycling should be made compulsory

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This house believes recycling should be made compulsory Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen of the floor, we as the proposition want to convince you that recycling should be made compulsory and why it is the greatest idea ever brought to this hall. Firstly, I will define the key terms. "Recycling" is reprocessing used materials for further use. David, in his speech, will give many examples of recycling. "Compulsory" is defined as required by laws or rules. I know that many people will be annoyed at the fact that we want to make recycling compulsory. They will complain about free will and how they feel they shouldn't be forced to do something. Now I will tell you - you all have to pay taxes - they are compulsory - yet everyone still pays them for the good of the country. English, Maths and Science are all compulsory subjects in England - there aren't too many complaints because they are beneficial. ...read more.


It's not just recycling - it's reusing too! In Denmark, 98% of bottles are refillable and 98% of those are returned by customers. The English have got to get their act together as we're stinking out the whole of Europe! When we don't recycle, our rubbish is moved elsewhere. They are either burnt in incinerators, which produce vast amounts of carbon dioxide - a greenhouse gas, increasing the speed of global warming and can spread other toxins into the air when dangerous chemicals are burnt. Or more commonly, our rubbish is sent to landfills. As well as filling up our beautiful countryside, it destroys animal habitats and causes water and air pollution. Toxins from landfills seep into our water supplies, killing fish and possibly affecting us by contaminating the water that comes from our taps. The unsightly landfills also provide a dead end for eventually we will run out of space to place all our rubbish. ...read more.


Who cares what happens when the climate changes and many animals are made extinct? Who cares what happens when our grandchildren and great-grand children have to deal with the consequences of its decadent, indulgent ancestors? I do - and I think that you should do too! Just because these issues may not affect the world in your lifetime or mine doesn't mean we should ignore it. It is time to stop thinking someone else will clear up our mess. We have a responsibility to look after this world - the only planet we can survive on. The first step is recycling. Although compulsory may seem harsh, our ancestors have had to suffer much more than sorting through their rubbish weekly and being aware of how much packaging the products they buy have. Through this speech, I have shown in numerous ways how recycling is very important so you now know that recycling should be made compulsory. Thank you for listening. ...read more.

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