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Tragic Ending in A View From the Bridge

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In the play A View from the Bridge by Arthur Miller, the ending in which Eddie is murdered and the events that result from this climax are effective as the characters' dialogue powerfully appeal to pathos and their stage directions are full of meaning. Miller attempts to tie in the themes of respect, Sicilian values, as well as name and identity whilst reminding the audience of the importance of the sense of community in Sicilian society. In the ending, Eddie's loss of respect, Beatrice's loyalty, Eddie's death, his acceptance of fate and Alfieri's epilogue allow Miller to convey his ideas. By the end of the play, the audience sees how Eddie has utterly lost his respect from Catherine. ...read more.


In addition to rejecting Catherine's remarks of Eddie, she is admonishing Catherine for her impertinence. Beatrice cannot tolerate the younger generation standing up against their elders, perhaps because old traditions are so ingrained in her. Despite Eddie's betrayal, Beatrice still continues to stand by her husband's side, allowing her virtue to shine through. Nevertheless, the Sicilian community does not have as great a capacity for tolerance as does Beatrice, because members of the community have clearly lost all respect for Eddie. Eddie's friend, Louis "barely turns, and walks off." Meanwhile, others react similarly; "Lipari the butcher and wife turn, they exit." Miller highlights that the Siclian community is physically abandoning Eddie despite his adamant proclamations of innocence. ...read more.


Alfieri cannot help but be impressed by Eddie because of his adamant pursuit for dignity as he is willing to even sacrifice his own life for his name and identity. Although Alfieri comments that "yet it is better to settle for half", he finds it difficult to convince even himself that people are better off comprising after witnessing Eddie's tragedy. The ending of the play evoke strong feelings as Miller illuminates the themes of name and identity, respect as well as Sicilian values. Alfieri's comments cement the notion that Eddie is the tragic hero of the play and his fate was a tragedy. Through this tragic ending, the play is raised from a mere play to a story of greatness and importance, to the equivalent of a Greek tragedy. ...read more.

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