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Travel industry

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Travel industry. Assignment 2 Kayleigh Moore 1. The public sector in travel and Tourism is non-commercial and is there to provide a service or educate its visitors, not to make a profit. For example: Chapelfield gardens are an open park for everybody to enjoy and pass through at any time with no fees. Also the Norwich information centre, which is located in the assembly house, is there to provide help and information for the public without charging for their services. The Private sector is there specifically to make a profit. Travel agencies such as Thomas Cook are a big part of the private sector as their aim is to sell holidays, flights and accommodation to make a profit. The voluntary sector is a non-commercial sector that doesn't aim to make a profit. It relies on the admission fees, sponsorship charges and donations to keep the organisation open and running. Norwich castle is in the voluntary sector; fees and donations go towards keeping the castle open and extending the castle's exhibits. 2. There are three main types of tourism in the travel and tourism industry. Inbound, outbound and domestic. Inbound tourism is those visitors who come from overseas to visit this country and spend their holidays here. ...read more.


The Lake District is probably the most well known national park in the UK. With its beautiful scenery it attracts thousands of visitors a year. This outstanding park is natural attraction. Skyes cottages is an organisation which provides information on self catered cottages in and around the UK. The holiday inn would be classed as a serviced accommodation because it provides for you needs whilst staying in the hotel. Newquay holidays would be an example of self catering holidays as all the cottages, villas and luxury apartments that they deal with are all self catering. Super break holidays Is a tour operator that specialises on holidays within the UK. Its webpage provides many different types of breaks and holidays such as, short breaks, attraction breaks, deals with dinner, concerts and events. Also it provides many extra services such as Airport hotels, airport parking, rail tickets and coach travel. National rail (also known as national express) is a train company that provides transport for all over the UK. It has eight different regions of travel and offers train travel for any destination from any destination. Task 4. Tourist attractions working with travel operators. For example, if you happen to be visiting Alton Towers, there is a free coach service from the train station to the theme park. ...read more.


There have also been issues including natural and physical disasters that have majorly affected the travel industry. For example the horrific events of 911, the majority of people feared of travelling to America in particular but there were also a percentage of people who were scared to travel by plane in fear of another terrorist attack. This affected America's tourist industry for a short period of time but they quickly recovered after people became less feared of travelling to America for holidays. Natural disasters have also affected the travel industry, for example the tsunami that covered parts of Asia. People feared visiting places around there in case of another natural disaster. People then became aware that natural disasters could happen anywhere at anytime, so then tourism then started to pick up again as people were then booking various holidays throughout the world and back to places around Asia. One of the most recent issues that have affected the tourism industry is the credit crunch. The tourism industries were suffering as people weren't having enough disposable income due to job loses and pay cuts. Therefore people weren't booking holidays and different destinations around the world that reply on tourists were starting to suffer. Travel agents started to offer cheaper package holidays, last minuet deals and credit crunch prices. More people have started to book holidays since various deals have arisen. ...read more.

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