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Vegetables A-Z

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Vegetable Image description Preparation process Serving suggestions Aubergine 12-15cm long, smooth shiny purple skin. Cut off head, peel skin, slice, use straight away, fry. Stuffed aubergine. Broccoli 5-10cm long, Green, tree shape. Cut off bottom. Boil. Courgette 10-15cm long, green, smooth, shiny. Slice Boil, fry. Chanterelle Mushroom Firm fleshed, shaped like a furled trumpet, has a ribbed stalk and an apricot yellow cap. Native to Europe and found growing wild beneath beech trees. Leave whole is small or cut larger ones into equal pieces. Takes longer to cook than most mushrooms. Often found in shops as dried version, add to warm water to allow to re-hydrate for around an hour, retain the liquid and add to dish. Add to soups, sauces or casseroles particularly with chicken, or saut´┐Ż. Fava bean A large flat green pods containing large succulent seeds. When very young the pod is edible, wash and cut or snap off the tips and tails and remove any strings. Cut into three or four pieces, steam, boil or microwave until tender. Serve as for green bean. When mature, remove the beans from the pod, then steam, boil or microwave until tender. ...read more.


Fan the leaves and wash under cold running water to remove any dirt. Small ones can be cooked whole, larger ones cut into roundels. Can be steamed, boiled, braised or microwaved. Serve as a vegetable accompaniment or add a cream or cheese sauce Marrow There are many varieties of this member of the gourd family. For larger marrows tend to be bland in flavour, so hollow out some of the middle and add a savoury filling then bake. Smaller ones can be cooked whole and accompanied by a sauce such as tomato. Neeps, A root vegetable with yellow flesh and a distinctive flavour. Wash and thickly peel, cut into equal sized chunks and boil or microwave. Serve mashed as a vegetable accompaniment. Can be added to soups, stews and casseroles. Onion A white bulb of the lily family with many tightly wrapped thin layers and pungent flesh. The most versatile of all vegetables. Peel all but the root end of the onion (to prevent it from coming apart), this can be done under running water to avoid its pungent fumes caused tears. ...read more.


Violet Truffle Woody looking tubers that grow beneath the ground on the roots of oak and beech trees. Wash thoroughly in cold water, drain and pat dry. Slice thinly, grate or chop. . Use in sauces, soups, egg dishes with meats or as a garnish. Can be added to oil and left for a few weeks for the taste to infuse. Watercress A small deep green leafed vegetable with round leaves and a peppery taste of the mustard family. Remove the stems and wash thoroughly. Use in salads, soups or as a garnish, it can be pureed to increase the flavour. Yellow pepper, A shiny green, red or yellow vegetable with crisp flesh. Wash a dry thoroughly, remove the stem and seeds, rinse. Halve lengthways or leave whole for stuffing. Cut into slices, rings, chunks or dice, according to recipe. Serve hot as part of casserole or other savoury dishes. Serve cold in salads. Zucchini A green or yellow vegetable with a whitish flesh that has a high water content, which is a member of the marrow family. Small ones may be cooked whole and served with a sauce. Larger ones can be cut into varied shapes or stuffed. They can be added to dishes such as soups, stews and casseroles. ...read more.

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