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War of the Worlds Review

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War of the worlds Think about the word 'war', and you'll probably think about guns, armies, tanks; most likely and death, obviously. However in this book, we're met with a war between man and aliens. This book is split into 2 parts-Book 1 and Book 2. Book 1 is titled 'The Coming of The Martians' while Book 2 is titled 'Earth Under Martians'. This story is set in the early 20th century, London and it begins with the narrator visiting an observatory where he witnesses an explosion on the surface on Mars. That is one of the series of such events that arouses interest in the scientific community. An unspecified time later, what seemed to be a meteor landed on a place near the narrator's home. Due to the fact that his house is near and due to his curiosity, he is among the first to discover that the 'meteor' is actually a space-going artificial cylinder launched from mars. The cylinder opens, releasing the Martians described with huge eyes and a flailing antennae which begin setting up strange machinery in the cylinder's impact crater. At first, a man accidentally slips into the crater and attempts to scramble out; however, a Martian pulls him back and his is not seen again. ...read more.


Instead, the Martians simply annihilate the British army. The highest technology known to man is slapped aside like the stinging of mosquitoes. A soldier who is the sole survivor of his unit tells the narrator, their best efforts were: "It's bows and arrows against the lightning." Wells' intention was to shock the reader to think and feel what it means to be people who are conquered and destroyed not by the lack of courage or effort but because the enemy's technology is superior. THEMES There are a few themes brought across in this book. The first is Ambiguity. At first, when the Martians landed on earth, they were deemed to be helpless. I quote a sentence from the book in Chapter 4. 'It toppled over the brim of the cylinder and fallen into the pit, with a thud. I heard it give a peculiar thick cry...' The 'it' is referred to the Martian. From this sentence, we can conclude that the Martians seems to be powerless and helpless. When the Martians emerge from the cylinder, they are described to be weak, gelatinous organisms. They are also deemed as being inable to move very freely in Earth's thick atmosphere. ...read more.


Finding the Martians dead, he thinks that he is the only human who has survived, though it is obviously not true. With the help of people who cared of him, he overcomes it. However, his despair reaches its depth when he returns to his and thinks that he will never see his wife again. With the unexpected return of his wife, he settles back into a life that is somewhat like the life he once led, only that he can never really be comfortable again. The Characteristics of a Person - In order for a story to seem real to the reader its characters must seem real. Characterization is the information the author gives the reader about the characters themselves. The author may reveal a character in several ways: a) his/her physical appearance b) what he/she says, thinks, feels and dreams c) what he/she does or does not do d) what others say about him/her and how others react to him/her Characters are convincing if they are: consistent, motivated, and life-like (resemble real people) Characters are... 1. Individual - round, many sided and complex personalities. 2. Developing - dynamic, many sided personalities that change, for better or worse, by the end of the story. 3. Static - Stereotype, have one or two characteristics that never change and are emphasized e.g. brilliant detective, drunk, scrooge, cruel stepmother, etc. ...read more.

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