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Why We Read

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Why We Read An uninterested child disregards silent reading time in school. He foolishly believes that reading does not hold any value. However, he is tremendously mistaken. Ubiquitously, reading is strongly recommended because books inform us about new ideas, allow us to see through the viewpoints of other people, and tell a variety of remarkable stories. Like teachers, books open the doors to different facts and concepts. They let us explore into areas not known to us. Books act as learning tools, to help develop the mind and increase knowledge. Through books, we do not only learn information, but also speech. ...read more.


We can see the world from different points of view. We can understand opinions that are not ours. In that sense, reading a book is like listening to a person, and hearing their voice. Yet sometimes, we can go even further than simply comprehending. In some ways, reading is similar to actually living as another being. Through books, we can assume lives that we have never had before. We can wear the shoes of others, and learn their inner makings. Even though this may be fascinating to some, most read for another reason. The majority of people read because of the stories that books hold inside their pages. ...read more.


They have the capability of making readers laugh, cry, think and dream. They can bring out the emotions inside of us, and offer some of our lives with a sense of completion. With that said, we would have a significant reason to read. In this world, countless people have other things to pay attention to than reading. We all have our own lives to live, and our own things to do. Despite this, books should not be forgotten. Someone once said that books were the dreams of authors put on paper, only written so that readers could dream alongside them. Thus we should not ignore others' dreams. We should remember and honor them instead. And if we would just take a moment and look, we would understand that reading would help us too. ...read more.

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