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yellowstone national park-case study

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Yellowstone National Park National Parks are large areas of land in the countryside, which have been beautifully landscaped by both human and natural influence for everyone to enjoy and visit as well as promote ecotourism. Development and growth have brought about environmental problems and issues. In order to encourage sustainable development, each country is promoting national parks. According to the World Conservation Union, there are now about 6,555 national parks worldwide. Yellowstone national park in the state of Wyoming in USA, was the first ever national park in the world. It opened its doors on March 1st 1872. The park covers almost 9,070 square kilometres of land! More than three million people visit Yellowstone each year! The Yellowstone national park is a home to a large variety of wildlife such as grizzly bears, buffaloes and wolves. ...read more.


The closest railway station is also quite far from the park. Within the Yellowstone National Park, there is no proper public transportation service provided by the park. Most visitors use private vehicles to get around inside Yellowstone National Park. Attractions On reaching the park, there are plenty of attractions for the tourists. Tourists generally visit the park for about five days in order to get more time to relax and enjoy as well as explore the place. There are several different activities for people of all ages and with varied interests. There is always something different to experience throughout the year in different seasons. Visitors to the park could hike up the trails. There are more than 1,100 miles of hiking trails in Yellowstone with some places having the most breath-taking sceneries. ...read more.


In order to solve this problem, bisons were vaccinated and monitored in and restricted to specific areas. Rules to be followed in the park Some rules and regulations have also been made by the national park in order to maintain the environment and not destroy the ecosystem. The law strictly forbids feeding wildlife and fishing is only allowed in certain areas of the Yellowstone national park. Fires are permitted only in certain designated camping areas. Littering at the park is strictly illegal and anyone caught doing so will be heavily fined. Pets are in fact allowed to come to the park but they must be leashed at all times and are prohibited from trails in the backcountry and in thermal basins. It is also illegal to view animals with an artificial light as it can damage the ecosystem and harm the animals. ...read more.

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