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END OF YEAR EXAM: FRENCH Oral Listening Reading Writing Oral - 2 B role plays 1 conversation topic and general questions Writing - 1 essay (Present, past: imperfect and perfect, future) 1. At home and abroad Holidays- past and future Description of where you live Environment Exchange e.g. French exchange 2. Education, training and employment School- teachers, preferences of subjects Work experience (mon stage en enterprise) Jobs Pocket money and what you do with it 3. House, home and daily routine Description of house Your room What you do to help at home What you did (past)/ what will you do at the end of the week? (future) Family Reflexive- je me r�veille...(present) je suis r�veill�e...(past) je me r�veillerai ...(future) 4. ...read more.


because he was afraid Il pleuvait comme vache qui pisse It rained like a pissing cow Il pleuvait des cordes It rained like ropes Example of essays (done in class) En arrivant, il faisait beau mais le deuxi�me jour il a commenc� � pleuvoir comme vache qui pisse comme dirait ma correspondante qui tr�s vulgaire. En partent j'oublier mon sac Je me suis casse la jambe en courant Je me suis coup� le doigt en coupant les l�gumes en faisant le repas. On arriving, the weather was good but the on the 2nd day, it began to rain like a pissing cow, like my correspondent who is very vulgar would say. ...read more.


( I go to school by car/by metro...etc) Last Saturday, because it rained like ropes, I went to the cinema and watched a romantic film called "Final destination ". It was great, I enjoyed myself. Helping around the house J'ai repass�/ j'ai fait le repassage I hoovered/I did the hoovering J'ai passe l'aspirateur I passed the vacuum cleaner J'ai fait la vaisselle I did the washing J'ai rempli le lave vaisselle I filled the dishwasher J'ai �tendu le linge dehors I put up the washing outside J'ai tondu la pelouse I cut the lawn J'ai lav� la voiture de ma m�re I washed my mother's car J'ai rang� ma chambre I cleaned my room J'ai sorti le chien I put the dog out J'ai peint ma chambre I painted my room ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

3 star(s)

This is a 3 star piece of work so far, as it is unfinished. The writer has used a good range of structures, such as the present participle, reflexive verbs in the present tense and perfect tense, and some idiomatic phrases. The work is mostly accurate. In order to improve this piece of work, the writer needs to add more opinions, use conjunctions, check grammar rules carefully and try to use some other structures such as 'si' clauses.

Marked by teacher Sarah Benson 01/05/2013

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