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French Revision

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Likes and dislikes J'aime I like J'aime le tennis I like tennis Je n'aime pas I don't like Je n'aime pas le foot I don't like football J'adore I love J'adore le chocolat I love chocolate Je d�teste I hate Je d�teste la t�l�vision I hate TV Physical description Tu es comment? What are you like? Il est comment, ton p�re/ton fr�re? What is your father/your brother like? Elle est comment, ta m�re/ta soeur? What is your mother/your sister like? J'ai les yeux bleus/marron/noirs/verts/gris I have blue/brown/black/green/grey eyes Il a les yeux (+ colour) He has (+ colour) eyes Elle a les yeux (+ colour) She has (+ colour) eyes J'ai les cheveux tr�s/assez courts/mi-longs/longs I have very/quite short/half-length/long hair Il a les cheveux blancs/blonds/roux/bruns/noirs Her has white/blond/red/brown/black hair Elle a les cheveux raides/boucl�s/fris�s She has straight/wavy/curly hair Personalities Quelle sorte de personne es-tu? What kind of person are you? Quelle sorte de personne est ton p�re/ton fr�re? What kind of person is your father/your brother? Quelle sorte de personne est ta m�re/ta soeur? What kind of person is your mother/your sister? Je suis I am Il est He is Elle est She is Je ne suis pas I am not Il n'est pas He is not Elle n'est pas She is not ...read more.


est moins (description) que (name of another town) (name of a town) is less (description) than (name of another town) J'aimerais habiter � (name of a town) I would like to live in (name of a town) Pourquoi? Why? Parce que c'est (description) Because it is (description) Talking about school Est-ce que vous faites des voyages? travaillez le samedi? travaillez le mercredi? Do you go on school trips? work on Saturdays? work on Wednesdays? Qu'est-ce que vous portez au coll�ge? vous faites � midi? vous faites comme sports? What do you wear to go to school? do during lunch time? do as sports? Nous faisons des voyages Nous travaillons le samedi/mercredi Nous portons un uniforme Nous ne portons pas d'uniforme Nous mangeons � la cantine Nous allons � la maison Nous jouons au foot We go on school trips We work on Saturdays/Wednesdays We wear a uniform We don't wear a uniform We eat in the canteen We go back home We play football Places of work Ta m�re/ton p�re/ton fr�re/ta soeur travaille? Does your mother/your father/your brother/your sister work? Ma m�re/mon p�re/mon fr�re/ma soeur travaille dans... My mother/my father/my brother/my sister works in... ...read more.


It's behind It's on the left It's on the right It's across It's next to It's close to It's far It's between NB: After "avant", "apr�s". "devant", "derri�re" and "entre", you just have to add the words with "le", "la", "l'" or "les". After The other prepositions, you change "le" for "DU"/"la" for "DE LA"/"l'" for "DE L'"/"les" for "DES" Les cadeaux Un CD Un jeu pour ordinateur Un jouet Un poster Un portefeuille Une cassette-vid�o Une cravate Du papier � lettres Des articles de toilettes Des boucles d'oreille Des chaussettes Des chocolats A CD A computer game A toy A poster A wallet A video tape A tie A writing set Toiletries Earrings Socks Chocolates J'aimerais... Tu aimerais...? Je vais acheter Pour mon p�re Pour ma m�re I would like Would you like I am going to buy For my dad For my mum Le jour de No�l On fait un sapin We have a Xmas tree On fait des d�corations We decorate the house Pour le p�re No�l For Santa Claus On met quelque chose We leave something On va � l'�glise We go to church On fait un grand repas We have a big meal On offre des cadeaux We offer presents On ne f�te pas No�l We don't celebrate Xmas ...read more.

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