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Greenwich se trouve sur le fleuve la Tamise, et juste en bas du fleuve est la barrire de la Tamise. Il y a le clbre Cutty Sark visiter et l'universit navale royale. L'observatoir

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  • Submitted: 18/08/2006
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GCSE French

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Greenwich lies on the River Thames, and just down river is the Thames Barrier. There is the famous Cutty Sark to visit and the Royal Naval College. The Royal Observatory, the National Maritime Museum and the Queens House are in Greenwich Park. The London Marathon starts in Greenwich Park every spring.

Greenwich has a long heritage; it was the birthplace of King Henry VIII and his daughters Queen Mary (Bloody Mary) and Queen Elizabeth I (The Virgin Queen).

There are big plans for Greenwich in the future. Not only are the 2012 Olympics planned to be there, but also Anschutz Entertainment group are turning the previously known as 'Millennium Dome' into a concert hall and more. Also, there are plans to build new housing along the river Thames.

It is possible to get to Greenwich by using train, boat, bus, docklands, and London underground. Getting to Greenwich from central London is very easy. By train all you have to do is catch a train from Charing Cross, Waterloo East, or London Bridge.

There are lots of hotels in Greenwich. There is a 'novotel' on Greenwich high road, devonport house hotel on King

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